Telefónica Tech, recognized as one of the Worldwide Leaders, in Avasant’s Cybersecurity Services 2023 RadarView™

Cybersecurity Services 2023 RadarView™

May 2023 – Analyst: Gaurav Dewan

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What analysts say:

  • “The utilization of cloud services and SaaS platforms by borderless enterprises have significantly altered the traditional security boundaries,” said Gaurav Dewan, Avasant research director. “This necessitates regular evaluations to identify and address any vulnerabilities to maintain compliance.”
  • “As the threat landscape continues to evolve, there will be a growing dependence on service providers to fulfill specialized cybersecurity requirements,” said Avasant Senior Director Mark Gaffney. “This will involve utilizing advanced AI technologies to enhance threat intelligence, vulnerability management, and IDAM capabilities.”

More information:

Gaurav Dewan
Research Director, Avasant

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