Telefónica ranks among the top global IoT market leaders, according to Transforma Insights

Communications Service Provider IoT Peer Benchmarking 2023

February 2023 – Analyst: Matt Hatton

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What analysts say:

  • “As part of our research we keep a constant watch on what is happening in the IoT connectivity space, but it’s good once a year to do a deep dive into the strategies and capabilities of all of the players. And that deep dive confirmed our view: we are in a period of definite transition triggered by technological change and by evolving commercial models. In the next few years we expect more innovation, new leaders to emerge, more consolidation and the emergence of a new scalable norm for supporting connectivity based on control, transparency, localisation, compliance and being cloud-native.”
  • “The MVNOs are where much of the innovation is happening, and it’s notable that many MNOs are seeking to harness ‘MVNO energy’ for their own operations.”

More information:

Matt Hatton
Founding Partner, Transforma Insights

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