Telefónica Ventures

We are Telefónica’s Corporate Venture Vehicle for strategic investments. We aim to address the big challenges facing Telco industry and create new businesses and verticals aligned with the Core strategy from Telefónica, leveraging cutting edge technology.

This is how we invest

Telefónica invests, directly in startups or through a network of leading VC’s funds in key markets, to build strategic partners fully aligned with Telefónica global strategy. We are an open ecosystem, we fuel Telefónica’s business globally with local presence.

Investment Thesis

We invest tickets from €350K to €5M in minority and strategic stakes of product-market fit and Early Growth stages directly, and indirectly through a network formed by the main Venture Capital funds leading in key markets for the group where Telefónica Ventures is a Limited Partner. The startups are sponsored by a Telefónica top executive and have a working plan to scale in our business areas.

  • Product Market Fit
  • Early Growth
  • Mature Age

How we invest

In Telefónica Ventures we invest through three vehicles:

Direct Investments

We invest in startups with a global impact across the Telefónica’s value chain, sponsored by our technical areas and with a working plan to be deployed within Telefónica’s footprint.

Indirect Investments

Investments through our network of VC Funds, which have presence in key innovation ecosystems for Telefónica. They bring us operational partnerships, strategic insights, and deal flow opportunities.


We invest in ‘deep tech scaleups’, fast-growing startups with a disruptive and transformative technology base, located in Southern Europe and Latin America. This independent venture capital fund is open to public and private investors.

Where we invest


  • Digital Customers: Home, Healthcare, Fintech, Energy, Entertainment
  • B2B: Cyber, IoT, Cloud y Data
  • Next Generation Networks

Venture capital funds

  • Telefónica Markets: Spain, UK, Germany, Brazil and Hispam
  • Strategic Markets: US and Israel

Key Figures

15 Startups in the Portfolio
+100 Non-direct Investment in Startups
+10 VC TEF Investor LP
+160MM Investment Executed

Telefónica Ventures in the world:
Startups located in the best tech ecosystems: US and Israel.
Startups with operations in the highlighted Telefónica footprint: Spain, Brazil, UK, Germany, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.

Our Portfolio


Cibersecurity. USA
The leader of industrial cybersecurity, delivering the best solution for real-time visibility to manage cyber risk and improve resilience for industrial operations.

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Cibersecurity. Spain
Employee cyber risk Global cellular connectivity for IoT and M2M devices with full control and best-in-class security.

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Smart Protection

Cibersecurity. Spain
We track down and eliminate illegal copies of your assets through our technology platform. Our goal is to minimize the negative impact that such infringements have on your sales and brand reputation.

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Blockchain. Israel
Clear builds blockchain-based settlement and clearing networks for global industries.

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Networks. Canada
Owns a patented technology targeted for smart homes, which detects presence and recognizes activities using the WiFi signal.

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Digital Customer. USA
Mobile payments platform, enabling consumers to pay for goods and services using their mobile phone number, with purchases billed to mobile network operator bill.

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Cibersecurity. USA
Improve visibility, transform the SOC, and achieve enterprise-wide business initiatives. Leverage built-in algorithms or integrate custom models, in real time, at scale.

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Networks. USA
Provides a 5G-ready virtualized open RAN software solution that supports open interfaces and disaggregates the hardware from the software to build an open multi-vendor web-scale network.

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Sophisticated Machine Learning-based solutions affordably by distilling the predictive patterns from their data into real-life intelligent applications usable by anyone.

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Cibersecurity. USA
Cyber risk and vulnerability management, application test security, threats and access.

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Cibersecurity. Spain
Constella powers Cyber Intelligence Centers for defense and law enforcement agencies and provides enterprises with Intelligence Services.

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Melody VR

Virtual Reality. UK
Music entertainment platform that combines immersive visual content and music streaming through virtual reality.

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Networks. USA
Delivers broadband solutions for leading service providers across the globe.

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Connectivity. Networks. USA
Quantenna’s solutions combine semiconductor architecture with system-level software and cloud analytics to deliver the highest speed, broadest coverage, highest capacity.

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MKT Media Entertainment. USA
A mobile advertising platform offering end-to-end mobile advertising solutions and services for advertisers and publishers.

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Connectivity. Spain
Platform for family care and relationships focused on the silver economy.

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Blockchain. Spain
Company specialized in financial technology. With a deep knowledge of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

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Nova Labs

Connectivity. Global
Helium is a decentralized wireless network and a settlement layer leveraged on a blockchain-based deployment fueled by token economic incentives.

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Alter VP

California, USA.
Californian investment fund focused on hard tech startups, in B2B companies.

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Vintage IP

Tel Aviv, Israel.
Vintage is a global venture platform invested in the world’s leading venture funds and startups, driving digital innovation across industries.

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São Paulo, Brasil.
RedPoint is the first and only Silicon Valley presence on the ground in Brazil. Supports Brazilian digital market entrepreneurs to create fast-growing companies.

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Kibo I & II

Madrid, España.
Kibo Ventures (two funds) invest in seed stage startups, mainly in Spain.

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Barcelona, España.
European venture fund with presence in Spain, Germany and Scandinavia.

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InvestTech I & VC

São Paulo, Brasil.
Investment Brazilian Venture Capital and Private Equity focused on growth startups, in B2B companies.

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Invests in countries in the Pacific region such as Colombia, México and Peru.
Invests in countries in the Pacific region such as Colombia, México and Peru.

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Santiago de Chile, Chile.
Chilean investment fund that invest exclusively in communication, media and IT sectors.

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Barcelona, España.
Invests in innovative companies in seed stage.

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Borderless Capital

United States.
Investment through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in Helium, a decentralized wireless network.

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Indicator Capital

Sao Paulo, Brazil.
The largest early-stage venture capital firm in Latin America specializing in the Internet of Things (IoT).

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