Concern and Whistleblowing Channel

Queries and Complaints

Consult any aspect related to the Telefónica’s Business Principles (ethics, human rights, environment, privacy, health and safety, etc.).

All communications received shall be treated in accordance with the principles of respect, confidentiality, substantiation and completeness, and shall be governed by a procedure for the handling and repetition of communications received.


Making a complaint

Report, anonymously or submitting your contact detail, any alleged irregularity or unlawful act or breach of internal regulations of which you are aware.

The Whistleblower Channel Management Policy is governed by the principles of confidentiality of the data provided, respect, substantiation and completeness.

In cases where irregularities are identified, the Audit and Control Committee, which reports to the Board of Directors., is informed.

Check the status of my complaint

After sending your concern, the system will provide a username and password that will allow you to check the status of your concern at any time, using the anonymous Communication Channel, as well as to add new information and contact the auditor in charge of the analysis.

Commercial claims

We remind you that no commercial queries or complaints are handled through the Concern and Whistleblowing Channel. The corresponding customer telephone numbers and customer service tools are available for this purpose.


How to report a concern or complaint via our Telefónica Concern and Whistleblowing Channel?

Our Telefónica Business Principles guide and direct our employees in their daily activities, both in decision-making and their behaviour, as well as the way they interact with customers, suppliers, shareholders, other employees, and society in general.

The Telefónica Concern and Whistleblowing Channel is available to our employees and stakeholders to report any concerns related to non-adherence with our Business Principles. The Channel allows you to report and consult in confidence and anonymously if you wish, any possible irregularity or act contrary to applicable laws or internal regulations.

All communications through the Channel will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, privacy and security.

What kind of situations can be reported?

Through this Channel, the following types of Communications can be made:

  1. Queries and complaints: any possible incident related to Business Principles. This definition does not include messages received not related to the Business Principles, such as advertising messages, job applications, commercial complaints, etc.
  2. Concerns or Complaints in relation to any alleged irregularity, act contrary to the law or the internal regulations. In addition, any irregularities related to accounting issues, issues related to audit, and/or aspects related to the internal control over the financial reporting.

What are the topics on which you can consult or report?


  • Accessibility; Accessibility is to guarantee the elimination of barriers when entering or accessing a site, or using a service.
  • SupplyChain; Is the set of activities, facilities and means of distribution necessary to carry out the whole process of selling a product. From the search for raw materials and their subsequent transformation to manufacturing, transportation and delivery to the final consumer.
  • Human Rights; rights inherent to all human beings, without distinction of nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other condition. This category includes the protection of labor rights.
  • Diversity & Talent Management It is an integral strategy based on the creation of a labor population with diverse profiles in the organization, with the aim of creating an internal micro-climate that matches the diversity of the organization’s external environment.
  • Integrity;  is based on the valuation of honesty, respect and transparency in professional interactions. Integrity is considered to be that which adheres to the truthfulness and transparency of personal and professional actions; therefore, it is opposed to falsehood or deceit.
  • Sustainable Innovation; is considered as one that pursues a positive impact on the environment and society, using technology for its implementation. Every innovation is generated to improve a reality or to face a challenge.
  • Freedom of Expresion; this right includes the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas, whether orally, in writing or through the new information technologies, which may not be subject to prior censorship but only to subsequent responsibilities expressly established by law.
  • Enviroment & Ecoefficiency; is based on protecting our planet through eco-efficiency, which is defined as providing goods and services at a competitive price, satisfying human needs and quality of life, while progressively reducing the environmental impact and intensity of resource use throughout the life cycle, to a level compatible with the estimated capacity that the planet can support.
  • Privacy;  Privacy and data protection is a fundamental right of every individual to have control over personally identifiable data.
  • Child Rights; are those rights related to minors under 18 years of age, it contemplates three types of rights: Of protection, such as the right to life, to family coexistence or against all types of abuse, violence or labor exploitation.


The different situations that can be reported include concerns relating to the following. For further details, please refer to the Telefónica Policy on Whistleblowing Channel Management.

  • Labour conflict
  • Working Conditions
  • Information security/Privacy matters
  • Acts contrary to the integrity of the company
  • Alleged Fraud
  • Favourable treatment
  • Financial accounting and reporting
  • Legal / Regulatory / Contractual Non-compliance