Fundación Telefónica Annual Report 2022

Uncover Fundación Telefónica's 2022 highlights in digital education, social innovation, and cultural impact.

In the document “Fundación Telefónica Annual Report 2022”, we set out the progress in the countries in which we are present, during the 2022 fiscal year, among other issues, in economic and social aspects. It is published annually and has been presented uninterruptedly since the creation of the Foundation in 1998.

Our commitment to education

We are convinced that education is the best antidote against social exclusion and inequality. Therefore, we work to provide appropriate training to people, opening horizons for their individual future and contributing to the progress of the entire community.

Our goal is to promote social and digital inclusion in the 45 countries where we are present, using our experience in technology, education, and training.

We understand that inequality in education is the origin of other inequalities. Therefore, aligned with the fourth of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we promote training in the skills and abilities demanded by a digital society, with special attention to people in vulnerable situations.

Improving employability

Our priority challenge is to improve employability. To do this, we seek to prepare people for a changing job market dominated by disruption. This requires a flexible and innovative strategy, in which digital is the centre, but innovations are not limited to the use of technology, and extend to pedagogical methods and training in so-called soft skills, which are increasingly necessary to face the challenges of this society.

Through our employability programs, we advise, guide, and train in the necessary skills demanded by the job market. Combining big data and Artificial Intelligence, with a radically new concept of learning, where people are always at the centre, we seek to boost society’s potential.

In 2022, through our free online training platform in digital skills, Conecta Empleo, we have trained 309,083 people in 9 countries. The courses cover different skills, such as introduction to programming, Java programming, Wordpress, Internet of Things, web analytics, talent development, big data and Artificial Intelligence, fundamentals of programming, digital marketing, social entrepreneurship or talent development, among others.

Social action and digital transformation

Also, at Fundación Telefónica we believe in technology as a tool for social improvement, and we want to accompany social entities in their process of digital transformation to contribute to improving the lives of people in vulnerable situations. To achieve this goal, we develop a digital strategy based on two principles of action: increasing the social impact of the intervention and improving efficiency in processes.

Job Satisfaction

In 2022, we achieved a result of 66% in the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) in Spain, which indicates that 66% of our employees would recommend Fundación Telefónica as a good place to work. This result is very positive, as external references indicate that a result above 40% is considered excellent and very few companies manage to be around 60%.

At Fundación Telefónica we work to make a more human world by promoting inclusive digital development.

This report has been prepared under the general principles dictated by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), in a process that determines Fundación Telefónica’s commitment to content and quality and ensures a balanced and reasonable presentation of the organisation’s performance.

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