At Telefónica we want to help slow down climate change and build a greener future through digitalisation.

We make history!

We successfully launched de first sustainable hybrid bond of the telco sector

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Environmental Responsibility

Caring for the planet’s resources must be a daily habit. That’s how we see it at Telefónica. What’s our objective? To minimise our footprint.
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Energy and climate change

Did you know that we are one of the most advanced telecommunications companies to have net-zero emissions?
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Circular Economy

Circularity is the new paradigm for companies, suppliers and customers: eco-design, reuse, recycling…
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Green digitalisation

We help companies reduce energy and water, avoid CO2 and boost the circular economy.
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Electromagnetic fields

Find out what international experts say about the safety of mobile networks, including 5G, for people.
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Integrated Report 2020

Our mission puts people at the centre of everything we do.

Telefónica’s financial and strategic situation

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Concern and Whistleblowing Channel

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