Sustainable innovation

We would like to be one of the main agents of change in the new digital universe. Technological innovation gives us the opportunity to create a more sustainable world and also to obtain competitive advantages and distinctive products. With this conviction, Telefónica’s Business Principles link innovation to social, technological and economic progress.

Our innovation strategy seeks to promote our own internal research and development capabilities, encouraging Open Future ecosystems and developing sustainable services which have a positive impact on society.

Once again we have become the reference for private innovation in Spain, with a total of 545 licences. In addition, according to the European Commission’s 2015 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard report, we are the fourth telco worldwide in terms of investment in R&D and the second in Europe.

Internal innovation is developed by Telefónica R&D and its network of centres of technological excellence, currently focused chiefly on Big Data, the Internet of Things, Network Innovation and Transparency.

We define sustainable innovation as innovation whose main objective is to address a social or environmental challenge while generating value, in other words, creating solutions which, as well as creating economic value, have a positive impact on society and the planet.

Although sustainable innovation is regarded as a transversal principle within the company and is integrated into our internal processes, we have defined a series of categories of services and solutions which stand out for the value they bring to society and the positive impact they generate, upon which we are placing special emphasis: Disability and dependence, education, security, Smart societies, health, finances, entrepreneurship and remote or impoverished populations. We are also continuing to work towards enabling data analysis to improve the quality of life of people by means of Social Big Data.

To develop the Sustainable Innovation process, at Telefónica we have actors like:

  • The Commercial & Digital area, where all the R&D&i processes are developed.
  • Telefónica Open Future (TOF), the platform which integrates all the entrepreneurial and financing initiatives.
  • Fundación Telefónica, the channeller of social and cultural action at Telefónica.



Telefónica Open Future is Telefónica’s global platform which brings together all our activities, initiatives and projects in the field of open innovation. This is a global entrepreneurship and investment program which aims to attract talent and innovative products and services to the Company in order to integrate them into our value proposition for our customers.

Through Telefónica Open Future we also promote calls for sustainable innovation in order to identify ideas and projects with a social or environmental impact.