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"The COVID-19 crisis has deeply affected the societies in which we operate. Telefónica's mission to "make our world more human by connecting people's lives" has become more relevant than ever. In an extraordinary and totally unexpected situation, telecommunications networks have become essential and our teams have worked closely with health authorities and social agents to provide a responsible response to all our stakeholders.

This crisis is going to irreversibly accelerate the digitalisation of society. It has shown us that there is no such thing as an analogue and a digital life, but that they are the same thing. The world has changed already and it will not be the same again. In this new world, Telefónica will play a key role as a catalyst for digitalisation".

José María Álvarez-Pallete

José María Álvarez-Pallete

Chairman & CEO - Telefónica S.A.


Top 10 Steps we’re taking

  • Ensure connectivity so that the telecommunications network operates at full capacity, in a reliable, stable and secure manner. In Spain, we have faced an increase in bandwidth demand of almost 40%, a 50% growth in mobile data traffic and a 25% growth in mobile voice in the first weeks of confinement. The Group is doing the same in all the countries where it operates, striving to provide its networks with sufficient capacity to absorb the most demanding peaks.

  • Promoting remote work in all areas of the company with the aim of protecting the health of professionals, customers and suppliers to the maximum, while ensuring continuity of service. Similarly, a global agreement has been signed with UNI Global Union, UGT and CCOO which includes the plan to return to work centres after the Covid-19 crisis in Spain, Brazil and the countries of Hispam, establishing teleworking as a priority and preferential option, until the World Health Organisation and the governments or competent local authorities decide to control the pandemic.

  • To allocate 75 million euros, including debt deferral and advance payment of invoices to suppliers, to help SMEs and the self-employed in their digital transformation. In addition, the Fundación Telefónica will make all the human and material resources available for reconstruction based on two main areas: education and digital training.

  • Collaborating with Public Administrations and health institutions, offering the company's services and capabilities. In Spain and Brazil, carrying out the deployment of the data network for temporary hospitals in Madrid and Sao Paulo, respectively, as well as in other facilities of a welfare nature, such as medicalised hotels, duplication of networks to extend coverage, system reinforcement, etc.

  • Create a 25 million euro fund to purchase and arrange the delivery of 150 tons of medical equipment, respirators and PPE in different countries. In addition, Vivo, in Brazil, also made a donation of 16.3 million reais in health areas and to guarantee food for children in vulnerable situations. In addition, initiatives have been carried out along these lines in the various countries where Telefónica operates in Latin America.

  • Cooperate, through Fundación Telefónica's #SumaFuerzas program, in more than 100 projects with different organizations, social entities and public administrations, together with its network of volunteers. For example, with the Red Cross, making a donation of 500,000 euros to create spaces for the homeless; with the Food Bank in the 'Alimentando Solidaridad' programme; or with Save the Children, UNICEF, Adopt a Grandparent, among others.

  • Innovating and developing technological projects based on Big Data, IoT or AI that contribute to controlling outbreaks and offer security in de-climbing such as mobility patterns, temperature detection software in stores to guarantee safe reopening practices in the coming weeks, management of beach capacity, etc.

  • Reinforce educational content through technology and Fundación Telefónica's free, open online learning platforms aimed at teachers, parents and students: Scolartic, STEMbyme and Conecta Empleo, bringing digital education closer so that no one is left behind.

  • Make available to Folding@home (FAH or F@h), an initiative of the St. Louis School of Medicine of the University of Washington for research into diseases, the computing or processing capacity of 107 servers in various countries where the company is present with the aim of advancing the treatment of coronavirus.

  • To offer personalized support to the needs of startups and SMEs in Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom through the Telefónica Activation Programme, with the aim of boosting their technological solutions and accelerating their development through IoT, Blockchain and Big Data/IA (Artificial Intelligence) technologies, taking advantage of the company's different platforms in each of these technologies completely free of charge for a period of six months.

In addition, this is what we are doing for our customers:


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  • June 30 2020
    Telefónica has developed the "Social Distancing" system. This solution solves the management of social distance, a practice that authorities such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and experts in epidemiology indicate is the most effective in controlling the spread of any virus.
  • June 8 2020
    Telefónica has created a solution to help local councils to control beach capacity. A video surveillance system using IP cameras with 4G connectivity and equipped with powerful software, will detect which areas are being used or free and calculate the percentage of occupation in real time.
  • July 24 2020
    AENOR has certified Telefónica for its protocols implemented in a total of 950 Movistar stores nationwide against COVID-19, making it the first telecommunications operator in Spain to achieve this distinction. Specifically, Telefónica has implemented a comprehensive plan of preventive health and safety measures for store employees and customers, including protocols for cleaning and disinfection, store capacity control, social distancing, waste management, individual protection measures for employees and specific training for sales staff with regard to COVID-19.

Other countries:

the UK:

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Costa Rica:





  • May 21 2020
    Through Fundación Telefónica, a donation of US$ 400 K was made to Uruguay for medical equipment, with the aim of collaborating with the strengthening of the National Health System helping to save lives.
  • May 21 2020
    Benefits are made available to customers to help them while staying at homes. These include access to Movistar Play; to Fundación Telefónica's online learning platforms; duplication of all recharges; free roaming; packages with gigs, minutes and recharges using Club Movistar, etc.


Fundación Telefónica:

  • Fundación Telefónica has been reinforcing educational content aimed at teachers, parents and students through its technology and online learning platforms across geographies (Scolartic y Plataforma Conecta Empleo).