Measures taken by Telefónica
in the fight against Covid-19

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“We are seeing how all aspects of society are being affected by the COVID-19 crisis: from the family to the workplace, to health and economic spheres. All this makes it a challenge for society as a whole. I want to share the steps that Telefónica is taking to respond to this emergency. Throughout our almost century-old history, Telefónica has experienced crisis situations at different times and in different countries. And we know that in times of crisis, communication networks and tools are even more crucial than usual. Connectivity becomes not only essential, but truly critical in order to move forward.

During these past weeks, our teams have worked closely with the health authorities and social agents to response to all our stakeholders responsibly. We believe that this is one of those moments when companies must strive more than ever to act with values and responsibility in the service of society.”

José María Álvarez-Pallete

José María Álvarez-Pallete

Chairman & CEO - Telefónica S.A.

Main measures

  • Telefónica is making all efforts to ensure that the connectivity and the telecommunication network works at full capacity, in a reliable, stable and secure way. As an example, in Spain, the company has been able to cope with an increase in bandwidth demand of almost 40%, a growth of mobile data traffic of 50% and mobile voice of 25% in the first weeks of the confinement by Covid-19. The company is doing the same in all the countries where it operates, working to provide the networks with sufficient capacity to absorb the most demanding peaks.

  • Telefónica is promoting working from home in all areas of the company, and especially among risk groups. The goal is to protect the health of professionals, customers and suppliers as much as possible, while ensuring the continuity of the service.

  • Telefónica has made its services and capabilities available to public administrations and health institutions to help contribute to efforts to contain the outbreak. Big Data capabilities and management of anonymised and aggregated data from our network, mobility data, cloud data processing centres, as well as telephone or digital assistance capabilities.

  • Telefónica has collaborated, together with other companies, in the creation of the app, presented on March 18th by the Madrid local government. The app is allowing citizens to check for symptoms and receive recommendations in an efficient and personalized manner. It is also helping ease the pressure on the emergency call centers.

  • Telefónica has provided connectivity to the emergency field hospital set up by the Madrid local government at IFEMA exhibition center. It has also connected the 11 hotels that have been turned into hospitals due to the COVID-19 crisis. The company deployed 1 Gbps of fiber connectivity at IFEMA in a matter of hours and deployed 100 Mbps at the 11 hospitalized hotels. Telefónica will cover the cost of the installation and setting up of these networks.

  • Telefónica has helped reinforce the communications systems and infrastructures of the emergency services call centers in Madrid as they face an increased demand of information about the coronavirus.

  • Fundacion Telefónica has signed an agreement with the Spanish Red Cross and together they have launched an unprecedented initiative under the hashtag: #SumaFuerzas. Fundación Telefónica has donated 500.000 euros to provide quarantine shelters for homeless people and to deliver basic food and goods to other vulnerable groups either at home or in other centers, as well as to provide support to the authorities handling these centers.

  • Fundación Telefónica has also made its 13,000 Telefónica Volunteers in Spain available to the Red Cross for the development of virtual, telephone or digital service support, and the joint development of solidarity campaigns to meet the needs that will arise in the coming weeks.

  • In his second message to the employees, José María Álvarez-Pallete underlined that Telefónica had decided to shorten the payment terms to all its suppliers in Spain to help them go through these "difficult moments of liquidity" as a result of the crisis generated by the coronavirus outbreak.

  • The executive chairman of Telefónica also announced the creation of a 25 million euro fund to bring health care equipment and respirators to the areas that may need it more. "Telefónica can only be understood by what we contribute to society. And beyond guaranteeing connectivity, I believe we have to go one step further" said Álvarez-Pallete.

  • Telefónica buys 150 tons of medical equipment and develops all the logistics for delivery in Spain

  • Since the implementation of Phase 0 of deconfinement, Telefónica has registered a 13% decrease in fixed data traffic in the time slots when people over 14 years old are allowed to leave home (morning and evenings after 20:00 CET). Mobile data traffic also dropped, but to a lesser extent as customers can still use their devices while walking. Still, at the highest daily peak in demand (in the evenings) mobile data traffic registered a 6% decline vs the usual levels of the last few weeks. Telefónica has also seen voice traffic slowing by down by 9% vs the previous weeks at 21:00 CET, the time when voice traffic has been reaching its daily peak pre-deconfinement.

  • Telefónica has incorporated new solutions to its Movistar stores to make them safe. By combining technological innovations with physical security elements to prevent possible contagion of Covid-19 in both employees and customers Movistar wants to offer customers a safe and dedicated experience as well as complete peace of mind while visiting stores. The shops will be equipped with a system to control and measure capacity; hand sanitizers and masks for customers; protection screens and ultraviolet light sanitizers to disinfect purchase; and thermal imaging cameras to check the body temperature of people entering the premises. The incorporation of these technologies in shops will be carried out in several phases. During the month of May, 5 pilot stores will be installed in General Perón, Gran Vía, Goya, Príncipe de Vergara and Alberto Aguilera. Once the results of the pilot are verified they will be deployed in the rest of the Movistar stores throughout Spain.

  • ACS and Telefónica, through Fundación Telefónica, airlift personal protective equipment from China to donate to hospitals throughout Spain. The aircrafts landed in Madrid carrying a total of 213,000 units of the so-called "divers" or "coveralls" for the ICU personnel. The equipment was acquired in two factories in Anhui and one in Naijin, two regions of eastern China. This consignment is part of the 150 tons of sanitary equipment, ventilators and PPE, which Telefónica, in this instance alongside ACS, has brought from China and other countries.

  • Telefónica will lend Folding@home (FAH or F@h) processing capacity from 107 servers located in some of the countries where the company operates to help with research to find new COVID-19 therapeutic treatments. Telefónica will donate processing resources from its subsidiaries in Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom and Uruguay. All the distributed resources added together constitute a supercomputer that helps process faster computer simulations to develop the most effective design for therapies against the coronavirus.

In addition, this is what we are doing for our customers:


Logo Movistar
  • We are keeping a minimum of Movistar shops open to guarantee the continuity of the service.
  • Movistar is also increasing, at no extra cost, the GB enjoyed by our Fusion and mobile customers with an additional 50 GB every month, for two months.
  • It is expanding the entertainment offer, especially children and sports content, free of charge, accessible through the Movistar + Lite application where customers and non-customers can enjoy a month for free.
  • We are making our Movistar Junior app available to Fusion customers, free of charge, with special content for the youngest members of the household.
  • The Ministry of Education and Professional Training (MEFP), with the collaboration of Telefónica, Cisco and IBM, will provide 20,000 Movistar mobile lines by sending 40 GB monthly SIM cards to secondary and higher education students with difficulties in continuing online training during the state of alarm. The Ministry will distribute these cards among the Autonomous Communities so that they can be sent to students from families with less resources.
  • ProFuturo has donated 1,000 tablets to the Community of Madrid for children in vulnerable situations to access educational resources and continue learning from home while education centers remain closed. This initiative will allow students from disadvantaged backgrounds in the 2nd year of high school and 4th year of secondary school to continue training and learning from home and will help bridge the digital divide. ProFuturo is the digital education program promoted by Fundación Telefónica and Fundación la Caixa to bring digital education to the most vulnerable environments in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.
  • Movistar has again added more GBs of free data. As of 1 April, Movistar will now add 100 GB of free data, up from 60GB until now, to each mobile line within Fusion or to any contract line with a data plan. This will increase the monthly bonus to 50 GB per month for 2 months, up from the previous 30 GB per month for 2 months.
  • Telefónica has brought forward to April the payment of the approved invoices from more than 200 Spanish small and medium-sized suppliers which were scheduled to be paid in May and June, amounting to over 20 million euros. This decision follows the announcement recently made by José María Álvarez-Pallete, Chairman and CEO of Telefónica, to shorten the payment terms to all its suppliers in Spain to help them go through these "difficult moments of liquidity".
  • The ProFuturo digital education program, promoted by Fundación Telefónica and Fundación ¨la Caixa¨, has donated 5,600 tablets to families in vulnerable situations with school-age children, so that they can continue to train and learn from home, and to hospitals and residences throughout Spain so that the sick and elderly admitted to these centers can communicate with their families.
  • Telefónica has decided to completely freeze prices during the state of alarm. The discounts that conclude in this period will be extended until the exceptional situation ends. The company has sent a letter to customers, whose discounts finish in the coming weeks, confirming that Telefonica will not count this period as part of the promotion period.
  • Telefónica has equipped the 25 public centers for minors in the Community of Madrid with free wifi so that they remain connected and can continue their classes online.
  • Telefónica has set up its telephone services for information (1004) and breakdowns (1002) to give priority to the elderly and thus ensure their communications during the crisis caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. Specifically, Movistar has changed the initial locution of its 1004 phone service to allow people over 65 who need urgent attention to identify themselves in order to prioritize their call. If the reason for the call is information, it will be processed from the 1004 itself. If it is a fault, it will go directly to a 1002 agent (without automatic validation or testing) who will handle the call with full priority.
  • Telefónica wants to help SMEs that have had to stop their commercial activity due to the pandemic and are now back on track. To do this, it has designed some free online courses that will take place during the month of May and June and that have a double objective: to help companies that are not yet on the Internet to have their business online and to give improvement guidelines to those companies that are already on the net to improve its positioning in the digital market. To attend the courses you just have to subscribe to:
  • Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, thousands of families have faced extreme situations and great difficulties in obtaining basic necessities, such as the most basic food. This circumstance has motivated a solidarity response from TTelefónica employees in Spain, where the entire workforce has mobilized to launch #FeedingSolidarity. Each employee has been able to join the cause by donating their monthly share of food vouchers, which they are not using in confinement, and also through donations in cash. As a result, in less than 1 month, 5,200 employees have managed to collect more than 600,000 euros that will be delivered to Food Banks throughout Spain.

Promotions for pre-paid customers:

  • Promo refills x2: from 24th of Marc, refill your prepaid line online with a credit/debit card or against an invoice and we will give you with the same amount for free. Valid until 31/03.
  • 50% Discount on Vouchers: from 24th of March, 50% discount on Prepaid Vouchers: Habla+ (60 min. on national calls) and Navega+ (1GB) going from 5€ to 2.5€ for 4 weeks. Valid until 31st of March.
  • Promo Data x2 is extended for the new prepaid tariffs: promo x2 in data for Prepaid 5, Prepaid 7 and Prepaid 15. The promo is automatic and applies to renewal and new registrations in these tariffs. This promo will be extended until 31st of March. The clients who contract/renew a Prepaid tariff on the last day of the promotion will enjoy the promotional bonus until 28th of June 2020.
  • Telefónica will extend for half a year the validity period of the lines that exhaust the prepaid balance recharge period during the state of alarm. This will allow those lines to continue receiving calls and not to be disconnected despite not meeting the usual recharge deadlines established for prepaid phones. In this way, the needs of people who are not in a position to carry out top-ups but need to be in contact with family, friends and health services are met.

Other countries:

the UK:

Logo O2


Logo O2
  • During this crisis O2 Germany wants its customers to able to keep up to date with latest developments and stay in touch with family and friends without restrictions. This is why the company has increased the surfing speed of O2 and Blau customers to 384 Kbt/s once their data package is consumed.
  • We have also closed all the shops in Germany until further notice.
  • The Red Cross moves its center of operations to the emblematic "O2 Tower"in Munich. Given the current situation, the Red Cross will have access to a much larger space, internet lines and other technologies provided by Telefónica to coordinate all its activities within the state of Bavaria.
  • O2 is now offering two entertainment packages: all customers can try O2 TV for three months at no extra charge and the use of the Kidomi Kids App (for children up to twelve years of age to learn and play on smartphones or tablets) is also free of charge for 30 days.
  • O2 to reopen its shops nationwide on 20th April (except Bavaria and Thuringia where shops will open on 27th April as instructed by the federal governments). O2 shops will reinforce hygiene measure to protect customers and staff.


Logo Vivo



  • Movistar Argentina is recommending a responsible use of technology and network resources while promoting online channels of communication.
  • Movistar wants its customers to be connected to their loved ones, carry out their activities remotely and be close to what matters most. The company is subsidizing roaming for Argentine citizens abroad, offering GB bonuses for different customers and offering access to educational content and free Movistar Play content, among other things.
  • Movistar, with the support of Fundación Avon, launches the "Sounds" campaign to raise awareness of gender-based violence during quarantine.
  • Fundación Telefónica donates 25 million pesos to the Argentine Red Cross to purchase the necessary equipment to face the health emergency



Costa Rica:

  • Movistar Costa Rica is working to ensure the provision of services and support its customers
  • We are reducing capacity of our shops by 50% and reinforcing cleaning protocols for the safety of employees and customers.
  • Strengthening digital channels 24/7 to better serve our customers online.
  • We maintain permanent contact with industry authorities, MICITT and SUTEL, to align initiatives with country priorities, enabling SMS platforms for Ministry of Health’s messages, toll-free calls to 1322 and providing free access to official government web pages. We are reinforcing official communications via social media.
  • We have added a 4GB temporary bonus to all postpaid plans ensuring that all customers have full navigation capability during this emergency period.
  • To keep in contact with their relatives, our prepaid customer can use WhatsApp free of charge for up to 21 days after refill
  • We have launched a media and online campaign to encourage the constant cleanliness of mobile phones, laptops and tablets.
  • From April 7 to the end of May: free browsing on all the most popular collaboration & video tools for home working and virtual education (Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, BlueJeans and WebEx). Available to all prepaid and postpaid Movistar customers.


  • Movistar Ecuador is doubling the MB and GB for all prepaid customer in all the refills above 1 dollar. And their postpaid customers will get additional 3GB free.
  • We have opened, free of charge, the international TV content available in our Movistar Play service.
  • We want our customers to be safe so if they #StayHome from March 25th to 30th they will get 500MB.
  • Connectivity is now more important than ever so Movistar Ecuador is promoting the responsible use of the network and Internet, providing information on cyber security issues and tips on how to clean devices.
  • Movistar’s Ecuador CEO has issued a video summarizing what the company is doing during this health emergency.
  • Telefónica Movistar donated face masks and protective suits to health personnel.




  • Movistar is also promoting that citizens in Uruguay work from home. It has issued a set of recommendation to help customers stay at home:
    1. Double up all refills made via App Mi Movistar or, until 18th of April.
    2. Movistar Play: all content free of charge for contract customers. You only have to download Movistar Play APP and activate the service. Available until 18th of April.
    3. Free roaming for all customers abroad: It includes America, Asia, Europe y Oceania. 3GB and 50 min per day, up to 31st of March.
    4. Access to new bundles with GB, minutes and refills using Movistar Club.


Fundación Telefónica:

  • Fundación Telefónica has been reinforcing educational content aimed at teachers, parents and students through its technology and online learning platforms across geographies (Scolartic y Plataforma Conecta Empleo).


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