At Telefónica, we are aware of the challenges and changes demanded by society. This is why we serve the communities in which we operate with the highest ethical and human rights standards, in addition to supporting and promoting projects and investments that help to address the social, environmental, technological and economic challenges we have ahead of us.

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Responsible Business Principles

Our Responsible Business Principles are embodied in the various policies and regulations approved by the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee. The major ones approved in 2019 were:


Global Human Rights Policy (approved in 2019)

Whistleblower Channel & and Responsible Business Channel policies (updated in 2019)

Human Resources

Protocol of Action in Situations of Workplace Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination (approved in 2019)

Supply chain

Supply Chain Sustainability Policy and Rule (updated in 2019)

Regulations governing Contracting Goods and Services (updated in 2019)

Responsible Communication

Movistar+ Responsible Communication Code (created in 2019)

Protocol of Action and Transparency in Handling the Media (approved in 2019)

Reputational Crisis Committee (created in 2019)


Training and Ethics

TOTAL 2019

Number of employees and executives who received anti-corruption training


Percentage of the members of the Board of Directors who received anti-corruption training


Percentage of employees and executives receiving training on Responsible Business Principles and Human Rights since its launch


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Telefónica has decided to bring in reputation as a key pillar on which to build a vision that is consistent with the company's long-term plans. Thanks to this KPI, we can measure society's (customer and non-customer) perceptions of our overall performance and its future expectations.

We measure using the RepTrak Pulse®
model to find out the emotional attraction of our brands

Admiration and respect



Good impression

In 2019, we beat our expected annual target

Consolidated value of RepTrak Pulse® 2019

points out of 100