Our impact on the community

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We contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSD)

Telefónica invests more than 8 billion euros in network deployment every year

We are the leaders in fibre deployment in Europe, with 128 million premises passed. We have more fibre than the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Portugal combined

El 79% of the coverage in all our markets is 4G

We contribute
52,408 billion euros, which is equivalent to 3.4 euros for each euro in our gross operating margin to the GDP of the main countries where we operate

We award
el 83% of purchases to local suppliers

We contribute
8,705 billion euros to local tax authorities

We generate
9.57 jobs per person we hire in the countries where we operate

Impact on employment of the Telefónica Group: 1,163,450 jobs

Telefónica is included for the third consecutive year in the 2020 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index

women in the workforce

of executives were women in 2019

2020 Target:
of women in executive posts

renewable-source energy in Europe and Brazil in 2019

reduction in our energy consumption per traffic unit in 2019 with regard to 2015

waste recycled in 2019

We avoid the emission of 3.3 times our carbon footprint thanks to the digital services

Transforming education*

10.2 million
beneficiaries in 34 countries

Classroom-based and online training Job Launchers*

More than 1 million
people trained

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Online training*

Over 6.6 million
students enrolled in MOOCS

* Projects of the Fundación Telefónica

Telefónica collaborates with public and private bodies to promote the achievement of Agenda 2030

More than 20.7 millions
of fixed broadbent subscribers

penetration of the LTE service in the customer base