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Since 2018, this shows us whether our products and services meet or exceed our customers' expectations and whether or not they recommend us.

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Responsibility by Design

We want responsibility to be a key design factor that addresses innovation, incorporating matters related to reputation, sustainability, human rights, eco-design, privacy and data ethics from the outset.

Responsibility by Design means considering how we can use technology to achieve more sustainable products, from the initial idea to its delivery to the end customer.

The Responsibility by Design approach seeks to ‘ground’ these solutions and integrate them into our daily activity

  • Highlighting the potential positive impact of our products and services with regard to these challenges.
  • Minimising risks and anticipating regulation in the area of sustainability.
  • Meeting the needs of our customers, who increasingly are looking not only to acquire just a product or service, but also to interact with more aware and committed companies.

Digital trust

To generate this trust, we have defined a four-pillar strategy as our commitment to the customer.


Transparency and access to give our customers control of their data


Reliability and security of networks and systems, to be able to guarantee privacy

Artificial Intelligence

Ethical use of AI to promote people-centred digitalisation


Protecting the most vulnerable collectives

Digital Confidence starts with Design


Telefónica has a set of processes designed to ensure our commitment to the right to privacy of all persons to whose data we have access.



  • From the Board of Directors


  • Global Privacy Policy
  • Governance Model Rule on Personal Data Protection
  • Regulations Governing Enquiries from the Competent Authorities

Privacy/security by design

  • Protecting privacy and security in the early stages of any product or product design or service that may affect personal data


  • Global and local Privacy Centres
  • Telecommunications Transparency Report
  • Personal Data Space: it enables our customers to access the data they generate during their use of our services

Consultation and complaint mechanisms

  • Responsible Business Channel: This is our first consultation and complaint mechanism
  • Voluntary mediation system with AUTOCONTROL


La Digital security is a key element of our business. Its ultimate goal is to ensure our resilience, in other words, the ability to withstand and contain attacks so that our business is not affected at all or, if it is affected, the level is tolerable.

We have tools and capabilities for the entire cycle of potential incidents:

Anticipation, before it can affect us.

Prevention, ensuring the protection of both facilities and assets, as well as customer data and identity.

Detection, through twelve security operation centres.

Response through a network of 15 Incident Response Centres (CSIRT):

  • Three high-impact incidents resolved.

Telefónica's cyber-security unit is called ElevenPaths. We make security more human and give people the trust and peace of mind they need.

In 2019, ElevenPaths achieved turnover of 495 million euros

Artificial Intelligence

During 2019, we have been working on implementing our AI principles across our operations, focusing on three interrelated pillars.
Training for employees
Responsible AI by design
Self-assessment of P&S by online questionnaire
  • Training through ethical course and AI
  • Simple self-assessment of Products & Services by online questionnaire

Level 1
Product Managers

If any queries arise, they ask the experts at level 2

Queries answered by designated experts in the different areas

Level 2
Expert support

Critical cases are moved up to level 3

Submitting complex cases with an impact on reputation to the Responsible Business Office

Level 3
Responsible Business Office

Responsible use

Our commitment to and strategy for protecting minors on the Internet and promoting the responsible use of technology take the form of six lines of work:
Family watching television

Alliances with stakeholders

We participate in the CT Coalition and in the Alliance to better protect minors online


Blocking of content

We block content with images of online child sexual abuse, following the guidelines and lists provided by the Internet Watch Foundation


Audiovisual environment

We foster the consumption of responsible digital leisure through an app for children, Movistar Junior


Products and services

Promotion and development of parental controls and other multi-device security solutions that help us to better manage our digital life and that of our family: Movistar Protege and Smart WiFi are an example of this


Working together with our suppliers

In the implementation of the basic mechanisms for the protection of minors, especially in the field of security, from the design of terminals and operating systems


Education and awareness-raising initiatives

The Dialogando portal with content on protecting children online and responsible use of technology (digital gap, gaming, cyberbullying, grooming, cybercontrol, sexting, privacy. etc.)

Human Rights

Our due diligence

In line with our Global Human Rights Policy, we have a human rights due diligence process in place to identify, prevent, mitigate and remedy (potential and actual) human rights impacts.

Infographic about Human rights


During 2019 we wanted to take a step forward in children's rights. For this reason and based on the Rights of the Child and Business Principles developed by UNICEF (in collaboration with the Global Compact and Save the Children), we have used the MO-CRIA (UNICEF Mobile Operator Child Rights Self-Impact Assessment Tool) to assess the impact of our business on aspects such as access to inappropriate information.

Key human rights indicators*



Number of employees trained in human rights through the Responsible Business Principles course since its launch



% operations subject to a human rights impact assessment of 2013



Number of on-site human rights audits of suppliers / labour issues, child/forced labour, health and safety, privacy and security)



Number of queries/complaints received on human rights through the Responsible Business Channel**



  • First in the Digital Rights Ranking
  • Independent evaluation Global Network Initiative

Investors/analysts assess it very positively

Man from behind looking at city lights

* With respect to the number of significant investment agreements signed with clauses on human rights: there have been no significant investment agreements signed by Telefónica S.A. at a corporate level during the reporting level. Significant investment agreements are understood to be those that have given it a position of control of another entity and have started up a material project to invest capital for the financial accounts.

** The well-founded complaints filed on the internal complaints channel regarding human rights issues such as privacy, mobbing and discrimination are covered in the chapter on Ethics and Compliance (complaint and remedy mechanisms: consultation and complaint channels).