ICTs for children

To make positive use of the new technologies, it is important to know their advantages and their risks, and to remain abreast of the latest developments. Often, children and teenagers have greater knowledge than their parents, teachers and educators.


As part of our commitment to a digital future which benefits everyone, Telefónica has created the Digital Family, an online resource centre where you can find answers to your questions about ICTs and children.


The platform is also a place to share experiences and testimonies and to overcome the challenges and difficulties which both children and adults face due to technological changes and the constant appearance of new applications and services.


The initiative was presented to the European Commission, in the framework of the working group of the Coalition of CEOs for a Better Internet, where it has been considered a reference in public-private collaboration and self-regulation initiatives, with clear benefits for society, with a focus on families and children in particular.


Web familiadigital.net

  • Theme of the month: an issue of interest – from the use of the mobile to the world of apps, privacy, positive leisure, etc. – and three sub-themes with three resources – one for each age range.
  • Learn more about: general information and recommendations about the use of the new technologies.
  • News: news about technology and the use that minors make of it in order to keep up to date, comment and share on social networks.
  • Resources: reports, websites, videos, games and applications, classified by ages (under eight, from eight to twelve, older than twelve), to use and/or download.
  • Key themes: definition of the most relevant issues – proposed by experts and families – regarding children’s safety and technology.
  • Survey: brief questionnaires so you can give your opinion about key themes related to digital security and the behaviour of children in relation to technology, with the advantage of being able to see the results in real time.
  • Report line: channel to anonymously report inadequate contents and abuses on the Internet.
  • Did you know that…?: curious facts, trends, new habits and behaviours among minors.
  • FAQs: answers from the experts and comments from users in response to families’ most frequent doubts.
  • Testimonies: section for you to describe your experience and comment on it with other families – in a moderated conversation – and thus, all together, find solutions to the difficulties we all encounter in the digital education of our children.
  • Spotlight: a space for surprising information of interest.
  • Services: solutions and tools which Telefónica offers families to help them get the most out of technologies with complete security.

Other platforms of interest

The use of ICTs in the classroom represents an opportunity to learn to use them adequately. The use of ICTs in the classroom represents an opportunity to learn to use them adequately. Hence the interest of solutions of Telefónica Educación Digital such as STEM by me.