What if we apply Net neutrality rules to Healthcare Industry?

If a “neutrality rule” was imposed in the healthcare industry, health insurance companies would not be allowed to distinguish among policyholders’ risk profiles. This could clearly increase their actuarial risk, yielding to more difficulties to optimize the network management.

A potential “neutrality rule” in the healthcare industry would thus lead to:

  • Higher health insurance premium prices.
  • A reduction in the private health services supply.
  • A potential expelling from the market of certain types of policyholders, especially those with lower risks.
  • Fewer incentives for companies and families to hire insurance services.

These are the main findings of the new report elaborated by Solchaga Recio & Associates on how Net Neutrality provisions could impact on different sectors. (Spanish version of the report)


Summary of “neutrality rule” application on healthcare industry

This new report shows how the imposition of a “neutrality rule” would significantly affect strategies applied by health insurance companies on healthcare policyholders. In a few words, it would reduce Customers’ welfare.

We invite you to read carefully this new report to achieving a more profound knowledge of the negative effects of applying net neutrality rules for the customers. All in all, as it is the case in other sectors, we acknowledge that management risks would increase and companies would be forced to raise premium prices.

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