The IPv6 World Day strikes again

For Telefónica, World IPv6 Day is a milestone in a long path already settled. Although it is now when visibility reaches its actual deployment, Telefónica has been working for the transition to IPv6 for 13 years now.


Once again, Telefónica is participating in this initiative, promoted by the ISOC (Internet Society) for the June 6, in order to motivate the different stakeholders (telecom operators, Internet providers, hardware manufacturers, software or web companies) to accelerate the migration and support services with the new version 6 of Internet Protocol.


This year, it begins operating as a provider of network access (ISP) to provide real users to the new Internet both in Latin America and Europe. Thus, Telefónica anticipates many of the operators in both regions by fixed broadband deployments in Spain and Peru and mobile broadband in Mexico. So, as of June 6, the number of hits of these deployments will grow up to the 1%, the target set by ISOC.


And, as a content provider, Telefónica expands this year its participation to this global test to permanently enable corporate portals in Peru, Ecuador and UK join Internet content providers like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing and reaffirms its position amongst Internet leaders, both in regard to permanent migration of content, such as the start of the deployment of IPv6 access to end users.


Claudio Barahona / @claubarahona

Country Manager de Wayra, Innovación Abierta de Telefónica

 Juan José Haro Seijas / @jjharoseijas

Director de Políticas Públicas y Negocio Mayorista Hispam, Telefónica