Telefónica uses Big Data to extend Internet coverage


Within the context of Telefónica's "Internet for All" initiative, whose aim is to connect the Internet to all those who cannot access, extending broadband coverage in the most remote areas of Latin America, the "Rural Planner" tool has been launched in Peru. Rural Planner uses Telefónica's Business Intelligence and Big Data (developed by its specialist Big Data unit- LUCA) capabilities to deploy networks in areas in Peru that were not connected.

Telefónica is already using Rural Planner as a complement to its planning and prioritisation tools for urban network deployment, and is helping teams to reduce uncertainty when deciding how and where to invest in deployment.

Population is distributed in Peru by district. We can analyse & view the information by coverage status segments or type of transport available etc..


How do we decide which is the best solution for a network and infrastructure deployment? Where is it best to expand our services? What demand can we expect in each place? In urban environments, this question is easy to answer, as thanks to the information we have on customer usage data and our own network intelligence, we can make a more efficient decision in terms of an improved customer experience and cost and capacity for the deployments. But in rural areas, where there are no previous data or intelligence on the use these populations will give the network, the question is more difficult to answer.

This is where Rural Planner comes into play. It's a tool that allows replication of the "predictive" model of urban environments for rural and remote areas where we don't currently offer internet mobile services and, therefore, cannot capture this network information or find out about potential customers. From now on, thanks to Rural Planner, the operations teams  have the right information on these geographical areas to make decisions, prioritise and monitor mobile broadband coverage deployments.




Lourdes Tejedor / @madrid2day

Telefónica Public Policy & Telefónica España Regulatory teams