Telefónica to protect the open web by signing up #ForTheWeb


Telefónica has signed up to Principles for a Contract for the Web, in line with its efforts to collectively define a New Digital Deal that empowers people and achieves a human centric digitalisation.


Telefónica is the first telecommunications company to join efforts with the Contract of the Web to protect the open web as a public good and a basic right for everyone. The initiative, led by Sir Tim Berners Lee, founder of the World Wide Web Foundation, proposes a set of principles for governments, companies and citizens to develop a full “Contract for the Web”.

By signing up #ForTheWeb, Telefónica commits to the three following principles, which will be further developed in the full Contract:

  • Make the internet accessible and affordable to everyone
  • Respect consumers’ privacy and personal data and
  • Develop technologies for the good of the society by putting people first.

The next step of this initiative is to jointly define the full Contract in the coming months, setting out the roles and responsibilities of governments, companies and citizens to protect a web that truly is for everyone. Telefónica will also participate in drafting and sharing such proposals which are already included in our Manifesto for a New Digital Deal.



Telefónica already has several initiatives in place that can contribute to the Contract for the Web goals. For example, together with Facebook, BID Invest and CAF, Telefónica has just launched Internet para Todos Perú, an open access wholesale rural mobile infrastructure operator which aims to bridge the digital divide in Latin America.  The goal is to bring mobile broadband to remote populations where conventional telecom infrastructure deployment is not yet economically feasible.

Telefónica also advocates for a new data ethics framework to deliver trust in data.  People need to feel comfortable about how their data is being used by giving them transparency and choice, while respecting privacy and personal data.

Telefónica is also the first telco to lay out a set of AI principles, making a call for a trustworthy environment for all stakeholders regarding how the Company will develop and use A I. We have been using AI for several years to optimize business processes and to improve the relationship with our customers. We believe AI brings great opportunities but with them also comes great responsibility so the application of AI technology follows strong ethical standards that put people first, respecting human rights, one of the key premises also of our Business principles.


Telefonica is excited about joining Web Foundation and the rest of the initiative partners to protect the open web as a public good and a basic right for everyone.