Telefónica’s Public Policy Blog Top Twelve Posts of 2012

Here are the top twelve most popular posts featured on Telefónica’s Public Policy Blog during 2012 based on the number of views of each post for the past 12 months. Congratulations to all the participants whose posts reached top readership and best wishes to the entire community for 2013!


#1     How should the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) be improved?


by Christoph Steck / @christophsteck                                                 


11. May, 2012   


viewed 9,420 times


#2    Getting ready for the 2012 Telefónica Ability Awards!


by Eduardo Serra García-Ormaechea / @Eduserra79    


29. Jun, 2012


viewed 7,080 times


#3     How to drive e-commerce?


by Public Policy


20. Jan, 2012


viewed  4,454 times


#4    What to expect in 2012 on public policy issues?


by Natalia Moreno Rigollot / @pitirrojo


02. Jan, 2012


viewed  3,917 times


#5    Privacy: the challenge of putting the customer in control


by Public Policy


17. Feb, 2012


 viewed 2,564 times


#6     Welcome to the M2M world of Telefónica!


by Public Policy


28. Jun, 2012


viewed 2,436 times


#7    Telefónica I+D will provide smart cities with a green mobility system               


by Public Policy                                                                 


19. Apr, 2012


viewed 2,131 times


#8      How to boost Innovation: looking for the right compass


by Natalia Moreno Rigollot / @pitirrojo               


06. Jul, 2012


viewed 2,039 times


#9    100 days of Wayra in Europe already!


by Natalia Moreno Rigollot / @pitirrojo               


22. Jun, 2012


viewed 1,851 times


#10    ICANN meeting: an unexpected issue in Costa Rica


by Javier Seriña                                                   


16. Mar, 2012


viewed 1,832 times


#11    What will define the European regulatory agenda in 2012?


by Public Policy                                                     


05. Jan, 2012


viewed 1,807 times


#12    Telefónica and the ITU are seeking Green ICT applications to achieve “Sustainable Energy for all”. Send us your ideas


by Public Policy                                                      


08. Feb, 2012


viewed 1,779 times


Lourdes Tejedor / @madrid2day

Telefónica Public Policy & Telefónica España Regulatory teams