Telefónica’s Public Policy Blog Top Ten Posts of 2013

Here are the top ten most popular posts featured on Telefónica’s Public Policy Blog during 2013 based on their number of views during the past 12 months.


Congratulations to all the authors whose posts reached top readership!


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#1  Tahrir, Taksim, Sao Paulo and Elsewhere: A New Generation in/of Politics?


By Fátima Araluce


26. Sep, 2013


Viewed 8,519 times


#2  2013: a busy agenda for ICT public policy


By Natalia Moreno Rigollot


21. Jan, 2013


Viewed 6,462 times


#3  ICT for Smart Sustainable Cities


By Eduardo Serra García-Ormaechea


08. Mar, 2013


Viewed 2,732 times


#4  Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs: Telefónica committed to help EU tackling skill gaps in Europe


By Frédéric Michel and Simon Lloyd


05. Mar, 2013


Viewed 2,119 times


#5  Entrepreneurship and innovation: The change of the global startup ecosystem


By Eduardo Serra García-Ormaechea


21. Jan, 2013


Viewed 1,864 times


#6  Internet quo vadis? How could tomorrow’s Internet look like? And what are the challenges?


By Christoph Steck


09. Apr, 2013


Viewed 1,803 times


#7  The European Parliament approves the Baldassarre and Howitt reports on Corporate Social Responsibility


By Jesús de la Morena and Alberto Andreu


08. Feb, 2013


Viewed 1,719 times


#8  Boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe


By Eduardo Serra García-Ormaechea


28. Jan, 2013


Viewed 1,680 times


#9  What is Telefonica doing in regard of eHealth?


By Eduardo Serra García-Ormaechea


14. Oct, 2013


Viewed 1,658 times


#10  The digitalization of the world


By Eduardo Serra García-Ormaechea


25. Apr, 2013


Viewed 1,657 times



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