TEDxTelefónica: an amazing event


The ideas that have transformed the World throughout the history have fought intensively against the barriers of space and time. Centuries or decades after its birth some of them were successful, others did not even cross the doors of a cluster. They also had to overcome the physical borders to be shared and integrated into other societies.


Today, fortunately, the space and time are open. And the Internet has also enabled an incredible level-playing field communication. These new ingredients of our time: openness and democratization have changed the way we think and we act.  At the same time the person, the citizen or the user is precisely the focal point of this paradigm shift.


This moment of inflection that accompanies any technological revolution calls into question much of what we have learned at schools, universities and even in our jobs. Partly because the “here and now” diktat tests even our Memory -critical pillar of last century thinking- and partly because in this era of communication all is about engagement. Sharing ideas, social networks, creativity is entirely about engagement to transformation.


We love the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) experience precisely because is an icon of the new culture of the 21st century; that´s why Telefónica organized a TED corporate event at the end of June in Madrid.  TEDxTelefónica is meant to inspire us towards growing professionally into believing that we are our own leaders for the future.


TEDxTelefónica has chosen this critical message: “Digital innovation transforms our lives” that fits perfectly with the spirit of our time.  The agenda could be found here.


During the event, Bernardo Quinn, Director of Global talent, compensation and organization of Telefónica S.A.-who introduced the speaches-, the cook Ferran Adrià and the musician Carlos Jean as well as six others speakers, all of them members of the Telefónica group throughout the world, delighted us with their experiences and their proposals in different languages. In fact, we could listen English through Mark Howson of O2 speech and also Pablo Rodríguez, from Telefónica R&D, as well as Portuguese with André Herculano, Telefónica Brazil and, of course, Spanish.


The issues were varied: Pablo Gonzalo proposed us to transform education and Fran Gomez invited us to become hackers, Javier Zorzano made us see how much we have to learn from children in the creativeness process. We learn much about overcoming barriers, through the speech of André Herculano. And we also were delighted by the magic, carried out by Alvaro Fernández de Araoz who stopped being a director for a while to become the Wizard of Oz.


Thanks to the engagement of many workers of Telefónica, but also and especially Katy Céspedes, who leaded the event and José Manuel Rodríguez, organizer of the TEDxTeléfonica is the first event in the World organized by a Telco.


We are sure that this is the first of a series of events that will take place within the TED experience.


We invite you to have a look to the videos of the event in a multicultural environment here.


Paloma Villa, Telecom Policy Department at the International Office of Telefónica.