Supporting cyber-crime prevention and Internet safety

The 14th of May, Telefónica participated as a key partner of the conference held in the Senate of the Czech Republic, the “2013 Cyber-crime Prevention” organized by the National Centre for Safer Internet.


The meeting aimed to discuss possible enhancements of internet safety in particular of children users, in order to ensure a better use of new technologies. The debate in the Senate premises was attended by more than 150 leading experts in information technologies and communication, lawyers, social workers and prevention workers.


Telefónica, which has been the conference’s partner for the fifth time, sees its participation in the project as an opportunity for finding a consensus on creating safer internet environment and preserving confidence of internet users across all relating fields. “Our business model depends on the trust and engagement with stakeholders, especially with consumers, and that is why we are aware of our responsibility on protecting clients’ privacy and children online”, says Jakub Chytil.


Telefonica has demonstrated to be one of the most active players in enhancing the internet safety through its participation in many projects with partnering organizations in the Czech Republic, such as Národní Centrum Bezpečnějšího Internetu (the National Centre for Safer Internet) and Horká Linka (Hot Line). During this school course, Telefónica and SIK (Školní informační kanál) have played educational videos in plasma screens in 380 schools that have been seen by more than 218,000 students. These videos, in which O2 Gurus explain 20 basic tips for responsible use of smartphones, are used by teachers to support their lessons. This cooperation with SIK (Školní informační kanál) has been positively perceived by more than 80% interviewed students. Another initiative in this field is Strážce Internetu, a service for customers that gives users effective control over website access and enables them to restrict access to potentially dangerous websites.



In addition, Telefónica is enhancing online safety in the long-term, being an active member of the European Commission initiative, The CEO Coalition for a better internet for kids; the ICT Coalition, an initiative promoted by the ICT industry at a global level; the GSMA alliance to fight against child sexual abuse images; or the E-Safety label, among others. These projects are framed within the strategy to foster the better use of ICT by children based in four pillars: self-regulation, product and services, alliances and education.


During 2013, an important goal is the implementation of a new internal policy within the Company to ensure that the strategy mentioned above is settled in each country where Telefonica is present. The goal is to homogenize the initiatives carried on with regards to the use of ICT by children.



Fátima Araluce M.A.| Telefónica Czech Republic, a.s.

Reputation and Corporate Responsibility Manager


Lourdes Tejedor / @madrid2day

Telefónica Public Policy & Telefónica España Regulatory teams