SiE 16: systems and robots start to learn our culture


                     José María Lasalle, Spanish Secretary of State for the Information Society and Digital Agenda.

The Telefónica Foundation has published the 17th edition of the report “Information Society in Spain” SiE[16], a document which discusses trends in the use of ICT and future technologies.

The presentation involved José María Lassalle Ruiz, Spanish Secretary of State for the Information Society and Digital Agenda; Luis Miguel Gilpérez, President of Telefónica Spain; and José María Sanz-Magallón, CEO of the Telefónica Foundation. 

Internet users aged 65 and over are making more and more use of the Internet. Leisure-related activities were the main reason for accessing the Internet for 59.3% of users in this age range. Communication with family and friends and professional tasks are also among the main reasons those aged over 65 access the Internet.


                      On the left, José María Lasalle together with Luis Miguel Gilpérez and José María Sanz Magallón

These are the main conclusions of the “Information Society in Spain siE[16” report which also mentions the importance of Big Data for large companies and highlights wearable technology and driverless cars as future trends which will become increasingly popular.

In past editions the “Information Society in Spain” report discussed Big Data as a future trend. The siE[16 describes it as a done deal. Big Data is a current trend for large companies and SMEs are beginning to realise its potential.

This trend is particularly valued in the medical sector where, for example, in recent months patches have been marketed allowing the monitoring of diabetes and another type of elastic patch adapted to the human skin and which includes wireless capabilities facilitating connectivity. Implants allowing interaction with other devices directly using the body, to pay bills, to act as a key.