Seas are not always calm in Bali

The IGF tribe has already arrived in Bali after a long trip not exempt of emotions. As in our real trips, money counts and in recession times it is a scarce resource. The lack of a clear and stable resource source for IGF has been responsible for the almost cancellation of this 8th edition. A last minute agreement with the host country saved the “good”, but the community has to seriously think about this to avoid future uncertainties.


For sure this is something we will discuss during these days in Nusa Dua.


After the PRISM surveillance scandal, all around privacy, security and their governance will be the other non-invited stars to the debates.


Whether we will have time to discuss on the overarching theme of this year’s edition “"Building Bridges"- Enhancing Multistakeholder Cooperation for Growth and Sustainable Development" remains to be seen.


All work in Bali is split between six well-known sub-themes:


- Access and Diversity - Internet as an engine for growth and sustainable development


- Openness - Human rights, freedom of expression and free flow of information on the Internet


- Security - Legal and other Frameworks: Spam, Hacking and Cyber-crime


- Enhanced Cooperation


- Principles of Multi-Stakeholder Cooperation


- Internet Governance Principles


All attendees to the IGF will put their energies and know-how in trying to find out the key measures and policies to allow the 4,6 billion of people still unconnected to receive the full benefits of the Digital Economy.


Telefónica will be represented in this IGF by Christoph Steck, Director of Public Policy & Internet. He will be speaking in the Workshops “Internet of Things - Challenges, Policy and Development” and “Removing Barriers to Connectivity: Connecting the Unconnected”, where he will show the benefits of an open Internet in terms of increasing access to the net.


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Chema Alonso

Chief Data Officer, Telefonica.