Protege a la infancia: a single button for a safer Internet for our kids in Spain



The initiative was presented yesterday at the representation office of the European Commission in Spain and consists of the establishment of a single button linked to a national anonymous complaint hotline, called  Protegeles and promoted by the European Commission to inform authorities of the presence of harmful content for children in the Internet such as child pornography, grooming situations or sexual abuse to minors through the Internet or mobile phones.  The four Spanish operators have included this on their websites and are also working to include it on their smart phones.


Telefónica has been working to increase the protection of minors for a long time now and is continuing to improve the initiatives launched in cooperation with other stakeholders everyday that allow children to take all the advantages of ICTs but avoiding misuses. These efforts to promote the safer use of new technologies have been reflected in the European Framework for Safer Mobile Use by Younger Teenagers and Children, signed in 2007. The first country to sign the code of conduct was Spain in December of the same year and nowadays, 27 countries now have a code of conduct in place to promote the safer use of these devices.


The NGO Protegeles has confirmed that the number of complaints received about pages with this type of content hosted in Spain has been reduced by 94% over the last 4 years. Of the 685 complaints received in 2007, this figure has dropped to 40 complaints received in 2010. This shows that the co-operation between industry and civil society is very fruitful and we will continue in this line.