OECD´s birthday: 50 years already!

As I announced in a previous post, the other relevant event taking also place in Paris this week is the OECD 50th Anniversary.


During half a century, the OECD has been a reference as an economic body, well-known for its high level of international cooperation. OECD´s role is to provide analysis and policy advice in several economic and social areas to help prosperity to widespread worldwide. This fully explains the title of the anniversary of the OECD week: “Better Policies for Better lives”.


If the contribution to economic analysis and advice on how to progress has been key in the past, nowadays OECD is facing new challenges, taking into account the current economic situation worldwide and the crisis we are living nowadays. Their recommendations and guidelines are generally non binding but nobody doubts about the relevance and high profile of its work. It is a key institution for policy makers, where best practices are analyzed and fostered in various areas of the economy.


During this week, OECD is organizing a specific Forum with general issues under debate such as how to measure progress, the relevance of green growth and how to take advantage of it, how to create new jobs in our economies, how to restore Public finances and trust in our economies amongst other issues.


You can access to the whole programme here.


Parallel to this, there will be an OECD Ministerial Meeting with High Level representatives, such as the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, where Government leaders and Ministers will discuss issues on the global agenda.


You can access the programme of the Ministerial Meeting and other relevant information around this event here.


You can also contribute to the debate:


  • through Twitter: hashtag #OECD50
  • Or throught the live reporting on OECDLive Twitter.


So Happy Birthday to this institution during this whole week and good luck for its future challenges!!


Natalia Moreno Rigollot/ @pitirrojo

Public Policy Manager of Telefónica