Happy International Safe Internet Day: Connecting Generations

Each year, in February, the month of carnavals, we also celebrate the International Safe Internet Day, this year under the motto: Connecting Generations.


The ultimate goal of this event is to raise awareness about the importance of promoting the safe and responsible use of the Internet, especially by children and adolescents.


The theme chosen this year is really significant and features a very simple idea, reducing the well-known digital divide that exists between parents and children.


At Telefónica, we are especially aware of this issue, knowing that the best way to get children to increasingly learn how to make better use of the Internet involves getting parents to have a positive influence on their children’s on-line behaviour by sharing the experience with them.


We are celebrating this day at the company, by putting the logo on our websites, sending messages and advice through social networks (Twitter and Facebook) in addition to holding educational and awareness activities, such as participation in youth panels organized by Protégeles, where young people have gathered from all over Spain to discuss the reasons for the occurrence of the digital divide, the use being made of social networks and why they have become essential for socialization with peers.  Finally, we will talk with them about the latest generation of mobiles, since it is they who know how to make the most of them.


Our Irish colleagues will visit schools to give talks on the proper use of the Internet while in the United Kingdom, we will take part in debates between generations, moderated by MP Alun Michael.  We will be speaking on SID radio and participating in some online debates with school children about safety on the Internet.


Through its social action programme Think Big, O2 will encourage young people to submit projects that help to promote internet safety and to access children and old people to the internet.


Today in Brazil, 600,000 Telefónica customers will receive SMS with advice on the good use of ICT.


In addition, Telefónica will use its webpages and social networks to spread recommendations on the good use of the Internet. In particular, today will be the launch of the new O2 webpage, with advice to respond the new  questions about the internet that families might face.


Last but not least, this evening we will be in Brussels with European Schoolnet to launch the eSafety Label initiative. Vice-president of the European Commission, Neelie Kroes, will atend.