European Schoolnet launches the eSafety Label




7th February, a day celebrated by more than 70 countries around the world as Safer Internet Day, marks the official launch of the eSafety Label. The eSafety Label is an online safety support and accreditation system that will bring schools across Europe together in a learning and resource exchange community to tackle the many challenges they are confronted with in integrating ICT into their school infrastructure, policy and practice. Janice Richardson, Senior Adviser at European Schoolnet and Coordinator of the Insafe safer Internet awareness raising network, tells us about the eSafety Label and the importance of media literacy in European schools (see video below).


The eSafety Label reinforces Telefonica's strategy to foster better use of ICTs. We strongly believe that empowering schools on the use of the Internet is a necessary step towards promoting its responsible use thus avoiding misuse of new technologies among children and teenagers. Through Educared, Telefónica is working on fostering schools 2.0, adapted to the current technological world. So it is wonderful to be part of this initiative led by the European Schoolnet whose objectives are aligned with ours.