Europe’s Digital Power

Hispanic woman holding molecular modelAmong the many challenges to the European future, the digital one is critical for public policies agenda. Overall Europe has managed to provide relatively good economic and social perspectives for their citizens. Over and more the prevailing globalization in economic dynamics and the outbreak of the Digital Revolution go direct to the heart of the European Project.


The “Europe’s Digital Power” is a recently born collaboration between the European Council on Foreign Relations and Telefónica. We will explore the relevance of the digital revolution in relation to the economic, security and soft power dimensions of European power by researching, debates and publications. We will bring together policy makers, civil society actors and representatives of the business community to provide answers and clarification on this increasingly complex and evolving sphere.


History shows that technological revolutions have the capacity to make or break great powers. The digital revolution is no different and Europe risks missing it entirely. How can Europe overcome its issues of funding and regulation to compete in the digital economy? How can the EU preserve an open and free internet in which European open society values can prosper?


Today we start a series of publications called “Digital Power” and we invite you to read and comment on them.



Chema Alonso

Chief Data Officer, Telefonica.