Did you know? We are soon 7 Billion. But how many are online?

According to the UN Population Fund, probably at the end of this month, the World will reach the incredible number of 7 billion people living on planet Earth….


And if we have a look at the ITU statistics, one third of the world´s population is currently online, with more than 6 billion mobile subscriptions nowadays….


Amazing numbers describing the situation today, but how will be our world, our society just in less than 10 years time?


I would like to share with you this video edited by the team of Telefónica R&D, explaining through numbers, data and nice pictures, their vision of the World in terms of demography, economy, health, education and technology by 2020.


I hope you enjoy it! Have a look, it will take five minutes of your time!




Natalia Moreno Rigollot/ @pitirrojo

Public Policy Manager of Telefónica