Dead apps

The arrival of “smartphones” with internet access to market has leaded on to a growing interest on “apps” by mobile phone users. In fact, millions of downloads per day are contributing to a market of more than one thousand million euros per year.


Although “apps” have registered a 71% increase as internet access points[i] and industry analysts affirm that “apps” are already a mature market, most of them do not succeed.


Along these lines, the French company Stardust has released a report that compares total apps, publishers, rate of new apps being added, monetization details, and more about the three main global app stores: iOS, Windows Phone and Google Play.


The report reveals the high competitiveness in the app market, in which only a few apps succeed. In particular, the study unveils that more than half of the apps of iOS, Windows Phone and Google Play stores have never been updated and have fewer than 10 reviews. Specifically, the percentages of apps that have never been updated and have fewer than 10 reviews in each of these app stores are the following:

  • 65 percent of the 617,436 apps on Apple’s app store.
  • 41 percent of the 484,271 apps on Google Play store.
  • 69 percent of the 156,317 apps on Windows Phone store.




Source: Stardust's infographic, August 2013.


Therefore, today, more than 700,000 applications (more than 50% of total applications available) can be considered as dead.


The report also reveals the daily average of new apps published, the daily average of older apps that get updates and the average selling prices among other data:


  • iOS App Store has a daily average of 978 new apps published and 806 older apps that get updates. The average selling price of an app in a iOS App Store is €3,49.
  • Google Play Store has an average of 1,107 new apps added every day and 2,341 apps that get updated each day. The average selling price of an app in a Google Play Store is €1,73.
  • The Windows Phone Store gets 286 new apps added every day, along with 179 apps getting updates each day on average. For the Windows Phone store, the average selling price of an app is €2,03.


There's a lot more data points in Stardust's infographic. Take a look at them in full here!


[i] V Estudio Anual IAB Spain Mobile Marketing: Informe de Resultados Septiembre de 2013, page 20