Cloud Computing: unleashing its potential in Europe

Last month, the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy of the European Parliament (EP) issued a draft report on unleashing the potential of cloud computing in Europe (2013/2063(INI)). This report, which has a non-legislative status, is the resolution of the European Parliament on the Commission communication of 27 September 2012 entitled ‘Unleashing the potential of cloud computing in Europe’ (COM(2012)0529) and the accompanying working document.


The report contains a motion for a European Parliament Resolution on unleashing the potential of cloud computing in Europe where the EP:

  1. welcomes the Commission’s communication;
  2. stresses:


    1. that cloud is an instrument for growth and employment
    2. which market policies should the EU adopt to boost cloud computing
    3. that public administrations in the EU should adopt cloud services
    4. the need to develop standards and specifications supporting a safe, reliable and secure cloud
    5. that consumers should have full control to accept or reject the use of cloud computing services when using their devices


  1. instructs its President to forward the resolution to the Council and the Commission


The report also includes an explanatory statement that:


  1. points out the following crucial aspects:


    1. strong fixed and mobile communication networks are prerequisite in order to grasp the full potential of the cloud
    2. the Commission’s strategy for cloud computing must address a wide number of aspects that range from technological to non-technological issues
    3. the final outcome of the proposed data protection regulatory framework that is now being debated in Parliament should not impede the development of new cloud services, and promote its uptake
    4. Europe should stimulate research and technological development in the area of cloud computing


  1. underlines the following concrete action lines of the Commission’s communication:


    1. ‘Cutting through the jungle of standards’
    2. ‘Safe and Fair Contract Terms and Conditions’
    3. ‘Promoting Common Public Sector Leadership through a European Cloud Partnership’


Last but not least, the report remarks the extraordinary potential of the Cloud in Europe to become a powerful accelerator to the completion of the digital single market.


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