Celebrating 25 years in Brussels

IMG-20140911-WA000Telefónica celebrated yesterday evening the 25th Anniversary of its presence in Brussels. In 1989 Telefónica set up a Permanent Representation Office in Brussels, only three years after Spain joined the European Community.


Telefónica Chairman César Alierta, during the reception, stressed the urgency of having a level-playing field across the whole value chain and the importance of strengthen the digital confidence and an open Internet.


The event, which was hosted by Telefónica's Global Head of Public and Regulatory Affairs, Carlos López Blanco, took place at Telefónica's representative office in Brussels and was also attended by the current Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, the Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Jose Manuel García-Margallo and the Chairman of Aspen Institute España, Javier Solana and the upcoming energy and environment Commissioner, Miguel Arias Cañete.Together with us were members of the European Parliament, ambassadors and Directors General of the European institutions.


During the reception, Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, remarked on Telefonica's leadership position in the sector. Additionally, she encouraged both politicians and companies to continue to work towards achieving a European digital market.


For his part, the Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, endorsed Telefonica's international vision and its standing as a global benchmark whereas Javier Solana, Chairman of Aspen Institute España, referred to the upcoming European Commission as a better structured Commission while pointing the challenges Europe faces in a fast-moving world.







Chema Alonso

Chief Data Officer, Telefonica.