Big Data for social good: Ready for a wild world


LUCA, Telefónica’s Big Data business unit, relies on the value of data to address the challenges of climate change and natural disaster preparedness. Under the slogan "Ready for the Wild World", it will hold a new edition of the Big Data for social good event, next May 24 at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica.

Speakers from global organizations, such as GSMA, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), Data-Pop Alliance or DigitalGlobe are included in the agenda. Besides, Chema Alonso (CDO of the company), Elena Gil (CEO of LUCA) and Patrick López (Vice President of Innovation in Network) from Telefónica will share their vision on the opportunities of Big Data in its most social aspect.




Telefónica believes that data is an essential tool to make better decisions, not only in the business sector, but also to improve the quality of life of people and promote the progress of society.

The great potential of Big Data in this field lies in the opportunity to achieve a more equitable and environmentally sustainable development, since it allows to obtain better responses and generate more efficient action plans.

Convinced of this value, we are already using our own and external data to contribute to the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN for 2030, through various projects and initiatives.

This is the case of the "Magic Box" project led by UNICEF, and aimed at saving lives by optimizing responses to public health emergencies and natural disasters, through the collection and analysis of data. In collaboration with the GSMA, we are also helping to combat atmospheric pollution in Brazil using open data from meteorological stations, as well as air quality and traffic sensors.


Do you want to discover more? Do not miss out the event! The capacity is limited, so you will need to register, but if you can't attend, the event will also be available via streaming.


In addition, following the goal of promoting the development of agriculture, food security and nutrition, Telefónica has partnered with FAO (the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture) to participate in the development and implementation of innovative initiatives based on digitization and data analysis in the agricultural sector.

We have also launched the “Rural Planner” tool, related to the "Internet para Todos" initiative, aimed at connecting the unconnected to the Internet in remote areas of Latin America. This idea uses Telefónica's Business Intelligence and Big Data capabilities to deploy networks in unconnected areas of Peru.

These are just some examples of Big Data applications for social good. Do you want to discover more? Do not miss out the event! The capacity is limited, so you will need to register, but if you can’t attend, the event will also be available via streaming.



Raquel Carretero Juárez
Políticas Públicas, Telefónica