A step forward on M2M solutions

Aiming to play a bigger role in the fast-growing M2M market, Telefónica has developed Smart M2M, a best-in-class web-based platform for the connectivity, management and control of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications that incorporates new advanced features such as real time monitoring of traffic type, volume and current consumption, technical supervision of lines (maps of connected devices, advanced diagnostics) and localization. It also offers innovative fraud detection functionalities, including the ability to restrict communications between a list of given devices or the possibility to establish traffic caps.


Telefónica Digital unveiled last week this new product and explained in its blog that Smart M2M allows Telefónica to serve both global and local customers, leveraging Telefónica local operations to offer customers a service adapted to their local needs. Particularly, clients benefit from customer support in their local language and over a locally maintained network. Another asset is that local SIM cards can be used and data can be confined to the country allowing compliance with local regulation.


Carlos Morales, Director of M2M & Cloud at Telefónica Digital noted that “the visibility and management of machine-to-machine communications is a vital component of any successful deployment […] By matching our technical expertise and experience in M2M with our local knowledge, we have been able to develop a simple and flexible platform that can give our customers a complete and precise view of their business processes.”


Smart M2M has been developed entirely in-house by Telefónica’s R&D teams, giving Telefónica the flexibility to further adapt the platform and add new functionalities to satisfy its customers’ needs. Smart M2M Solution is already commercially available for Telefónica customers in Brazil and Spain and will soon be expanded to other countries, starting with Chile, Argentina and Czech Republic.


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Lourdes Tejedor / @madrid2day

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