Antonio José Hernández

Antonio José Hernández

Telefónica de España's People Corporate Communications

I studied Business Administration and Management at the Carlos III University because when I was a child I wanted to be a toy maker. When I finished my degree I accepted a job as a sales executive in a bank in Fuengirola.

My girlfriend was Andalusian and we did crazy things for love. I remember those times very fondly (how young we were…) although 6 months were enough to make me realise that banking was not my thing. Then I worked for two years as a consultant in a software company servicing very stressed brokers who, for some strange reason, all wore braces! What happened next will surprise you…

And today it has been more than 19 years since I joined this great family of ours as an intern. I consider these years here to be the best of my life, just like that. What I have experienced here and continue to experience here is unique, unrepeatable. 

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