Privacy and Security Centre

The digital ecosystem has experienced a spectacular transformation and modified the social and commercial relationships of citizens, as well as their capabilities for expression and communication. Furthermore, it has facilitated the access of companies and users to a large amount of information, multiplying the ease and speed at which this information can be transmitted between different networks, companies, and countries.

This volume of data implies an important advancement opportunity for society, but also a responsibility for the companies that, like Telefónica, manage personal, anonymous, or aggregate information.

This is why we reaffirm our commitment towards our customers with regard to privacy and security so seriously and work every day towards generating a relationship of “digital trust” with all persons who are linked with us.

This responsibility is inherent to our Big Data strategy of our company and an important issue we continuously strive to improve on in our Global Responsible Business Plan.

The three objectives which underpin our commitment are:

  • Self-regulation of users’ rights and security, over and above local and international regulation, with a view to addressing our cutomer’s interests and needs.
  • Privacy as the basis for a relationship of trust and transparency with our customers
  • Privacy as an enabler for innovation, well-being, and prosperity of society

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