Business Continuity and Crisis Management

Our commitment to customers is to ensure optimal and uninterrupted service and to be transparent about the status of our networks and infrastructure at all times, even during adverse situations.

We plan in advance our capacity to continue offering our products and services at a predefined acceptable level, in case of major incidents, natural phenomena, external factors, power failures or any other situation that may disrupt our service.

To reduce incident time as much as possible, we continuously work to become a more resilient company. We manage these situations through the Global Business Continuity Programme and a Global Crisis Management System. This system allows us to be prepared to deal with incidents in an orderly and coordinated manner, in such a way as to facilitate communication and collaboration between all the areas involved in order to work in degraded mode, minimising the impacts and subsequently recovering operational normality as soon as possible. Several global and local exercises are conducted annually, so that tests are carried out at least every six months.

These exercises aim to test business continuity mechanisms or simulate crisis scenarios and test the effectiveness or identify opportunities for improvement of our system in the face of real incidents or crises.

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