Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs)

Telefónica, in its interest in ensure the correct use of personal data and to maintain Privacy, has worked on the development and approval of its Binding Corporate Rules, also known as BCRs. This approval has been granted by the AEPD (Spanish Data Protection Authority) after the participation of the rest of the European authorities and the European Data Protection Board (EDPB).

These BCRs guarantee the realization of international transfers in a secure manner, that is, they enable the communication of data within the Telefónica Group companies to other countries outside the European Economic Area and represent a commitment and guarantee of good privacy governance within the Group. This guarantee generated by the Telefónica Group’s BCRs in terms of good privacy governance is what enables the international transfer of data between its companies.

The BCRs involve public commitments acquired by Telefónica to protect personal data coming from other countries and these commitments imply compliance and good practice from those involved in their processing, who must take into account a series of obligations and good practices. All of this implies an obligation to act responsibly, a reinforcement of the protection of people’s rights, and of Telefónica’s good practice in relation to the processing of personal data, which means an improvement in the reputation of the Telefónica Group.

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