Open Gateway – Making collaboration with our strategic partners a reality for our network

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Session description

Reaching the full potential value of telecommunication networks such as 5G, WiFi6 or Edge Computing requires to progress telcos’ digital transformation into the next level. The cornerstone for this to happen is network APIs (Application Programming Interface). Telefónica works with customers and partners, leading the discussion to understand which capabilities bring true value to their applications, services and businesses. On the other hand, Telefónica has the support of standardization bodies and the GSMA, with initiatives such as Operator Platform Group or CAMARA where network APIs are being defined, developed and tested.






Session Speakers

David del Val

David del Val
Open Gateway Director, Telefónica

Alex Martins Salgado

Alex Martins Salgado
Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Telefônica Brasil

Ross Ortega
VP Product Management, Azure for Operators, Microsoft Azure

Amir Rao
Director Telco Product Management, AWS

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