4YFN will be held from February 26 to 29, parallel to the Mobile World Congress.

It is one of the benchmark events for the international entrepreneurial ecosystem, bringing together technology startups, investors, corporations, and public institutions to generate synergies and joint business agreements.

Agenda at 4YFN 2024

Pitching session by Wayra Telefónica

17:00 – 18:00. Pitching Point, Hall 8.1 – 4YFN


Double pitch session in which different startups will present their projects related to Artificial Intelligence and Fintech.


  • Carlos Ruisánchez (Head of Scouting & Dealflow, Wayra)
  • Javier Alcalá (Head of Scouting & VC Ecosystem, Wayra)

Different perspectives on the current investment climate

17:00 – 17:30. Stand BStartup Banco Sabadell


  • Yolanda Pérez (BStartup)


  • Marta Antúnez (Wayra Hub Director, Telefónica)
  • Elena de Benavides (Elewit – Redeia)
  • Helena Torras (Hans(wo)menGroup)
  • Elisabeth Martínez (Nuclio)
  • Sonia Fernández (Kibo Ventures)
  • Paloma Cañete (Fides Capital)
  • Marta Nogueras (Lanzadera)

Crazy Enough to Innovate

10:00 – 10:20. Banco Sabadell Stage, Hall 8.1 – 4YFN


Telefónica Innovación Digital builds on the legacy of Telefónica I+D and Telefónica Digital, reinforcing its commitment to open innovation and collaboration with startups in the most cutting-edge fields of technology to apply it in Telefónica. The profound digital transformation that has been developed, first in the company with the Kernel initiative, and now in the telco sector with the Open Gateway project, positions them as the ideal ecosystem to drive innovation. The opportunities offered by hyperconnectivity, AI and advanced computing open up endless possibilities to collaborate with entrepreneurs and together drive these advances in a disruptive, fair and sustainable way.


  • Chema Alonso (Chief Digital Officer, Telefónica)

Unleashing the Potential of Startups in Sports and Health

11:00 – 11:20. Agora Stage, Hall 8.0 – 4YFN & Partner Theatres


Explora el fascinante mundo de GameChangers3, donde liberamos el potencial de las startups en los sectores del Deporte y la Salud con Pau Gasol & Chema Alonso.


TravelTech Lab by HBX Group´s Innovation Challenge

11:15 – 12:15. Pitching Hub, Hall 8.0 – 4YFN & Partner Theatres 


Around 7/8 startups will pitch their solutions in front of traveltech experts from HBX Group, Wayra and other ecosystem players to select the winners of the Traveltech Lab innovation challenge.


  • Marta Navalón (Business Development & Partnerships, Wayra)

4YFN Investor Summit: Is Generative AI A Hype or Truly Transformative? 

11:30 – 12:00. Beta Lab, Hall 8.1 – 4YFN


AI, including generative AI has been a key theme in investment so far in 2023. With its power to further unlock new business models, transform industries, reshape people’s jobs and boost economic productivity, AI investment is forecast to approach $200 billion globally by 2025, according to Goldman Sachs. On the other hand, AI has also emerged as a game-changer for VC firms, revolutionizing the way they conduct due diligence, investment management and make investment decisions. Gartner has estimated that AI and data analytics will inform more than three-quarters of venture capital and early-stage investments by 2025.


  • Marta Antúnez (Wayra Hub Director, Telefónica)
  • Tamara Steffens (Managing Director, Thomson Reuters Ventures)
  • Elaine Grunewald (Chief Sustainability Officer, Tonomus)
  • Massimiliano Magrini (Founder and Managing Partner, United Ventures)

Reinventing Roaming through Open Innovation

11:45 – 12:15. Banco Sabadell Stage, Hall 8.1 – 4YFN


Ven y conoce la historia de éxito entre Airalo, la primera tienda eSIM del mundo y Alaian, una alianza innovadora que reúne a nueve grandes empresas de telecomunicaciones
-Cellnex, KPN, MTN, NOS, Omantel, Orange, STC, Telefónica y Wind Tre-.


  • Agustín Moro Global Partners Director (Telefónica Open Innovation)


  • Irene Gómez (CEO & Open Innovation Director, Telefónica)
  • Jerome Berger (Head of Group Strategy and Venture Capital, Orange)
  • Hans Söhngen (Managing Director Ventures, KPN)
  • Adam Krupa (Engineering Director, Network Experience, Airalo)

Strategic Investments: Leveraging CVC to Create a Future-Ready Growth

13:10 – 13:40. Beta Lab – Inverstors Programme


  • Pablo Moro, Head of Investments, Telefónica


  • Bruno Moraes, Managing Director UK at Wayra, Telefónica
  • Michael Eagles, Director Strategy & Innovation, Liberty Global
  • Alberto Gómez, Managing Partner, Adara Ventures

4YFN Investor Summit: Diversity in VC

15:20 – 16:40. Beta Lab, Hall 8.1 – 4YFN


La inversión de impacto sigue ganando impulso. Los inversores están cada vez más interesados en empresas con sólidas prácticas medioambientales, sociales y de gobernanza (ESG), lo que refleja una creciente concienciación sobre el cambio climático y la responsabilidad social. La diversidad en los equipos empresariales y los inversores también ha sido un tema candente en el mundo de la inversión de capital riesgo. Descubre cómo se está desplegando el capital para hacer frente a los retos sociales actuales, y explorar cómo se puede dar forma a un futuro inclusivo, diverso y sostenible.


  • Desiree Alayza (Seed by EY Lead, EY- WeInvest)


  • Marta Antúnez (Wayra Hub Director, Telefónica)
  • Patricia Pastor (General Partner, Next Tier Ventures)
  • Kinga Stanislawska (Managing General Partner, Co-Founder, Experior VC, Founder, European Women in VC)
  • Itxaso Del Palcio (Partner, Notion Capital)
  • Pepe Agell (Partner, Pear VC)

The Future of Fun

13:15 – 13:45. Agora Stage, Hall 8.0 – 4YFN & Partner Theatres


PortAventura World will offer its vision of the future of location-based entertainment from the social, economic and technological context, the company’s path towards innovation and its collaboration with startups.


  • Andreu Tobella (Managing Director -Digital-, Port Aventura)
  • Marta Antúnez (Wayra Hub Director, Telefónica)

Wayra Unleashed: A Tale of Telco Transformation in the Open Gateway Galaxy

15:30 – 16:00. Ágora Telefónica stand


At the last MWC/4YFN we launched the Wayra Open Gateway Activation Programme, a search for disruptive startups/technologies worldwide with applications that could benefit from Open Gateway Apis open to developers. Our goal was to accelerate innovation in startups that take advantage of the investments we make in the telco sector and boost the growth of the best in any vertical: Fintech, Identity, Anti-Fraud, Smart Mobility, Gaming, Web3 or Metaverse, among many others.

The session would be a roundtable in which we share some of the solutions/success stories of our startups invested in Open Gateway.


  • Irene Gómez (Telefónica Open Innovation Director)
  • Alex Marti (CEO & Co-founder, Mitiga)  
  • Vítor Sousa (Cofounder & CTO, Digibee)
  • Maria Vircikova (CEO & Co-founder, Matsuko)
  • Alex Algard (CEO Hiya)

Leverage the corporates

16:02 – 16:32. Earth Stage, Hall 8.0 – 4YFN & Partner Theatres


Aprende a identificar y evaluar posibles socios corporativos que se alineen con los objetivos, valores y trayectoria de crecimiento de tu startup. En esta sesión, descubra cómo aprovechar eficazmente el capital riesgo corporativo para desbloquear nuevas oportunidades, acceder a recursos valiosos e impulsar su negocio hacia el éxito.


  • Paloma Castellano, Wayra Hub Director, Telefónica
  • Patrick Fitzgerald, Partner, Venture Investing, Mach49
  • Shesh Amathnadu, Sr. Director – CVC, SK Telecom

How Startups and Corporations Collaborate to Disrupt the Market – The Case of WiseCX, Telefonica and Wayra

12:00 – 12:30. Ágora Telefónica stand


For startups, working with large corporations is a big challenge. In this session, WiseCX will explain how it has managed to leverage Wayra to achieve a successful partnership with Telefónica. First in Latam and, recently, also in Spain.


  • David Cabrera (CEO, WiseCX)
  • Matilde de Almeida (Business Development, Wayra)  

Female Tech Leaders Breaking Barriers: Fireside chat on VC Funding, Tech, and Startup Dreams

12:00 – 12:40. Beta Lab, Hall 8.1 – 4YFN


Uncover the challenges faced by female founders and leaders and gain firsthand strategies from our expert panel. From navigating the tech industry to securing VC funding, our dynamic session will empower you to face these challenges head-on.


  • Verónica Tisera (Head of Startup Marketing, AWS EMEA South)


  • Marta Antúnez (Wayra Hub Director, Telefónica)
  • Cristina Bentué Arantegui (Co-founder & COO, IriusRisk)
  • Christine Doig Cardet (CPO, IOMED)


  • GrabrFi (Wayra Spain – BCN)

    GrabrFi was created to give the user access to US banking and all its resources and possibilities so that the user can take their finances and life to the next level.

    Remuner (Wayra Spain – BCN)

    Remuner is the sales commission platform that helps you align your company’s and your employees’ goals by automating all aspects of variable commission plans.

    Depasify (Wayra Spain – MAD)

    Depasify is the all-in-one digital asset management platform that securely reduces costs and time to market. A single API to simplify the new financial era, creating the technical connections and automations that fit a business case.

    Omniflow (Wayra UK)

    Omniflow solution cities can transform a simple street light into a carbon neutral object that can be used for multiple IoT purposes in a single infrastructure without the need of creating new ones. Onmiflow provides space and power/UPS for the functionalities of the future, with a business model that can create revenues for the device owner by renting the space inside to final applications.

    Hiya (Telefónica Ventures)

    Hiya’s Voice Performance Platform flags spammers, blocks fraudsters, and enables businesses to connect with their customers by enriching calls with ID, logo and call reason.

    Digibee (Wayra Brazil)

    Digibee, from Brazil, is an integration platform as a service (iPass)  designed to connect businesses to the digital world. Its features enable businesses to turn ideas into meaningful customer digital experiences efficiently.

    Shakers (Wayra Spain – MAD)

    Shakers streamlines and streamlines recruitment processes. It centralises the management of On Demand teams on a single platform: administrative and legal procedures, day-to-day monitoring, easily and securely.

  • Red Sift (Wayra UK)

    Red Sift ayuda a los equipos de seguridad de PYMES y empresas internacionales a ser ciber resistentes, anticipándose a los riesgos antes de que se produzcan.

    Erudit (Wayra Hispam)

    Erudit get live employee experience insights.
    In one unique platform, see real-time insights and analysis on how teams are doing. Track over 35 culture indicators without having to survey.

    Uelz (Wayra Spain – BCN)

    Uelz is an online payment gateway designed to record, control, and analyze information on all customers and sales to help manage payments, subscriptions, and more, enabling clients to save time and manage and grow their online business.

    Localyze (Wayra Germany)

    Localyze is the HR platform for talent mobility that automates the immigration process for business & employees.

    Bit2Me (Telefónica Ventures)

    Bit2Me is a leading spanish crypto exchange platform, aiming to connect the digital world of bitcoin with the physical world of cash, and democratize the token economy and integrate Web3 into real economy.

    Mindverse (Wayra Germany)

    Mindverse is an artificial intelligence-controlled German text generator that types for the user and automatically creates texts including source information in seconds.  Mindverse can process and write texts on any topic.

    Cafler (Wayra Spain – BCN)

    Cafler is the first online platform for delegated mobility that, through its own technology, moves vehicles to make different car-related arrangements.

    Bankuish (Wayra Hispam)

    Bankuish offers a credit scoring software. Its AI-enabled tools help assign users appropriate credit scores, based on data, providing simplified access to pre-approved loans, financial services, and tools to grow their credit score.

    Knok (Alaian)

    Knok has developed a platform that enables a seamless, engaging and personalised healthcare experience across all stages of life and for all conditions. Knok collects valuable healthcare data that, combined with AI algorithms, is able to deliver insights and enable payers and healthcare providers to increase patient satisfaction while achieving better health outcomes.

  • Galactify (Wayra Germany)

    Galactify’s visual Objectives and Key-Results (OKR) template provides frictionless planning and tracking in one tool. Galactify offers the freedom of a whiteboard-tool combined with the capabilities of structured project management tools.

    Bcas (Wayra Spain – MAD)

    Bcas is an app that connects students to a wide range of scholarships, from bachelor’s degrees to master’s degrees and specialisation courses. Through the app, students can take high-cost training programmes that they would otherwise not be able to afford, by advancing the scholarship amount, which the student pays back as a percentage of their salary once they start working.

    Tachyonix (Wayra Brazil)

    Tachyonix was established with the aim of solving real-world business challenges by simplifying and accelerating SAP-based business application development. Led by a team of elite coders and SAP specialists, Tachyonix has managed to achieve and far surpass its vision. By creating near-zero code tools that democratize application development processes and put them in the hands of business users.

    Chaindots (Wayra Hispam)

    Chaindots identifies the need to raise awareness and work towards more secure and transparent business-to-business links and to approach these links from a holistic view of risk. Chaindots’ mission is to secure and protect the supply chain and business-to-business linkages

    Gandolapp (OpenTop – Innovation Services)

    Gandolapp is a virtual companion for goods vehicle drivers via mobile app bringing multilingual voice assistance on their routes to improve their in-truck experience, digitize communications with a democratized logistic community, optimize transport operations and move towards a safe ADAS and green driving ecosystem.

    Airalo (Telefónica Ventures)

    Airalo is a global eSIM platform for travellers that allows them to instantly connect to mobile networks in over 200 destinations worldwide.

    Wenalyze (Wayra Spain – MAD)

    Wenalyze is a Big Data Analytics platform that enables banks and insurers to discover new sales opportunities and control the risk of SME and private customers.

    Beegol (Wayra Brazil)

    Powered by A.I., Beegol provides the most advanced machine learning platform to monitor, improve, and self-heal internet networks while reducing operational costs for telecom companies by reducing customer service and unnecessary service visits.

  • Bia Power (Wayra Spain – BCN)

    Bia ensures efficient operation of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure, increasing its scalability potential and enabling total electrification of the fleet at minimum cost. Its platform optimises charging, prioritising the most economical and decarbonised energy, reducing the impact on electrical installations, and extending the useful life of batteries.

    Apolo Kids (Wayra Spain – BCN)

    Apollo Kids is a platform dedicated to promoting a personalised and inclusive approach to learning, with the aim of revolutionising the education of special needs groups, especially children with ADHD and ASD.

    Unmanned Life (Wayra Spain – BCN)

    Unmanned Life offers autonomous robotics orchestration. The platform is able to integrate different technologies, such as AI, 5G and Edge computing with multiple robots, such as drones and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), acting as a central, intelligent brain that enables the deployment of autonomous solutions in Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities, at scale.

    Floorfy (Wayra Spain – BCN)

    Floorfy automatically creates 3D tours, floor plans and video calls for real estate.


Monday, 26th February 2024

Fundación Valenciaport

The Valenciaport Foundation and Telefónica have been developing, since March 2022, the incubation and acceleration programme of the Port of Valencia Innovation Hub. Integrated into the Open Future network, this initiative encourages the creation and growth of innovative technology companies. Participating startups have the opportunity to work directly from and with the Port of Valencia, the leading Spanish port in terms of container traffic and the fourth largest European port, promoting entrepreneurship not only regionally, but also nationally and internationally, while strengthening the city’s business fabric.

Tuesday, 27th February 2024

HBX Group

Since 2023 Wayra has been working with HBX Group, a technology company in the travel industry, in the implementation of the definition and implementation services of its open innovation strategy. Together they have created TravelTech Lab by HBX Group to redesign the future of travel by exploring innovative technology-based solutions that change the way travellers move, connect and explore.

Wednesday, 28th February 2024


EU-LAC Digital Accelerator supports the generation of cross-regional business partnerships between Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean to develop digital businesses. Through its Matching Platform, it connects the digital challenges presented by corporations with the solutions proposed by innovative startups and SMEs based in other regions to apply for acceleration services. These services, funded by EU-LAC Digital Accelerator, will be tailored to the needs of each partnership.

PortAventura World Parks & Resort

Adventure Labs is the innovation hub of PortAventura and Wayra to seek technological solutions that define the future of the entertainment and theme park industry.

PortAventura World Parks & Resort is one of the largest family leisure and holiday destinations in Europe. Throughout its 28-year history, it has received more than 100 million visits. With a privileged location close to Barcelona, the resort operates 5 4-star themed hotels and 1 5-star hotel (PortAventura Hotels) and has 2 hotels under management outside the resort grounds, with nearly 2,700 rooms, and a convention centre (PortAventura Convention Centre) with capacity for up to 6,000 people. PortAventura World Parks & Resort also has a theme park, a Ferrari Land park, the only one of its kind in Europe, and a water park that is a world leader in Europe, with a range of world-class attractions. In December 2022 it received B Corp certification, which recognises the company’s work in terms of sustainability, social responsibility and good governance.