Connecting 5G IoT from space worldwide

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Session description

The widespread adoption of new technologies such as 5G and LPWA are favoring the exponential growth and massification of IoT devices. These technologies have enormous potential to bring the IoT to life and there are countless use cases in which they are used: automobiles, alarms, fleet management, mining, agriculture, industry, etc.

However, for some use cases the traditional terrestrial connectivity is not enough to offer coverage and, for this reason, arises the need to explore other types of connections, such as satellite, capable of offering global outdoor coverage.

This session will deep dive into how Telefónica TECH and SatelIoT have developed a joint solution, which is naturally integrated with the Telefónica network, compatible with current IoT devices and capable of complementing terrestrial communications in remote places where there is no coverage.





Session Speakers

Juanjo González

Juanjo González
Head of IoT connectivity products at Telefónica Tech AI of Things

Jesús Millón Millán
Head of Strategic Alliances & Business Development at Telefónica Global Solutions

Gianluca Redolfi
CCO at Sateliot

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