Holographic Telepresence


Holographic Telepresence

  • Telefónica Hall3 stand 3K31 – Fira Gran Vía, Barcelona

Language VO: Spanish

Session description

This demo brings the future of telepresence to our stand. During this session, we will conduct an interview with the badminton Olympic champion Carolina Marin, who  will be 600 Km away, while thanks to 5G and augmented reality, she will appear on the stage as a 360º volumetric figure with which we will be able to talk and interact in real time.



We will see, thanks to the Hololens 2 AR glasses, how a remote person or scene can be materialized right in front of us, in real time, being able to communicate with the person at the other side.

Thanks to the volumetric video that generates around 50 Gbits per second of information, while using Edge Computing to process this information and 5G to deliver it in real time, we will be able to see the remote reality from every possible angle as it were happening right in front of us, while we participate thanks to this wonderful remote collaboration tool.


#5G #Edge Computing #Holography #Telepresence #AR


Carolina Marin

Campeona Olímpica de Badminton

Juan Cambeiro

5G Customer Innovation, Telefónica España