5G robotics for monitoring industrial environments


5G robotics for monitoring industrial environments

  • Telefónica Hall3 stand 3K31 – Fira Gran Vía, Barcelona

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5G robotics

Session description

The constant evolution of 5G technology, coupled with advances in robotics, opens new doors to the supervision, surveillance, and remote operation in industrial environments, offering a complement to people in those cases where their physical integrity is at risk. In this session we will discuss which technologies offered by Telefónica are key to enable the remote operation of one of the most advanced robotic elements in the world: Spot Enterprise, and then put it all in example through a real-time demo focused on the supervision and monitoring of an electrical substation.


Demo Description

Thanks to 5G technology and Edge Computing, Spot Enterprise will be remotely controlled from a Control Centre located in the Corporate Innovation Centre (in Torre Diagonal, Barcelona). The remote operator will be able to remotely telecontrol and remotely manage Spot Enterprise thanks to the different types of cameras and sensors it is equipped with, relying on the low latency and high bandwidth of advanced 5G networks. Spot Enterprise, located in the agora of Telefónica’s stand at MWC22, will move around to carry out inspection and handling tasks in industrial environments (electrical substation in this demo) thanks to its articulated arm.

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Vanesa Montoya

5G Innovation Expert

Alejandro Alonso

5G Innovation Expert