Tactical 5G bubbles and network slicing in public networks: Robotics and augmented reality in critical situations


12:00 - 12:45

Telefónica Hall3
stand 3K31

Fira Gran Vía, Barcelona

Language VO: Spanish

Simultaneous translation to English

Session description

The 5G network has evolved to 5G SA. One of the new capabilities is Network Slicing. This technology offers guaranteed connectivity and is used, for example, in the transmission of video surveillance with drones for the State Security Forces and Corps in highly congested scenarios such as large sporting events.

The other use of 5G technology is the integration of a whole operation of virtual control centers through augmented reality glasses with Artificial Intelligence, for operation with robots and drones in multiple activities, such as the security of a corporate headquarters or the protection of military environments.

Demo Description

A live operation will be carried out, handling a drone (UAV) and a ground robot (UGV) from our corporate headquarters, being able to observe at all times the operation and decision making through augmented reality glasses in a virtual environment.



  • #Drones
  • #Network Slicing
  • #5G
  • #Robots
  • #Augmented Reality


  • Ángel Alves González

    Innovation Expert, Telefónica España

  • Leticia López Domingo

    Innovation Expert

  • Sergio Gamo Velasco

    STAM Defensa y Seguridad, Telefónica I. Seguridad

  • Miguel Borja Cano

    Head of Vertical Drones y Robotization, Telefónica I. Seguridad

  • Gustavo Medina

    CEO XReallity Factory