Holographic meetings for the people: The next-gen solution powered by Telefónica’s 5G and Edge network and Matsuko

Holographic meetings for the people: The next-gen solution powered by Telefónica's 5G and Edge network and Matsuko


12:00 - 12:45

Telefónica Hall3
stand 3K31

Fira Gran Vía, Barcelona

Language VO: English

Simultaneous translation to Spanish

Session description

Holographic presence is the future of communication and creation. Whether you are a game developer, an architect, or a 3D enthusiast, you can benefit from this innovative and immersive way of meeting remotely and collaborating. Creators can share and demonstrate their 3D work in real-time, while seeing each other as realistic holograms. This spatial collaboration allows everyone to feel each other’s presence as if we were in an in-person meeting.

Telefónica, MATSUKO and Nvidia present hologram meeting experience (many to many) with several holograms, in which each user generates his/her hologram just with the simple iPhone selfie camera (democratization) and can stream a 3D object (like presentations in a meeting).

With 5G and Edge technology of Telefónica, you can stream high-resolution 3D objects and share them with your holographic partners. With generative AI of Nvidia, you can experience eye contact and facial expressions that make you feel like you are in the same room. No more delays, misunderstandings, or 2D limitations.

Demo Description

Demo showcases a holographic meeting with holograms of both the meeting attendees and objects. Users will be amazed by the emotions, eye contact, the details, and the perspectives that they can explore with holographic presence.



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  • #SpatialComputing
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  • #generativeAI


  • Maria Vircikova

    Maria Vircikova

    CEO of Matsuko

  • Chris Penrose

    Chris Penrose

    Global Head of Business Development Telco, NVIDIA

  • Alex Harmand

    Alex Harmand

    Global CTIO, Core and Platforms Technologies Manager, Telefónica

  • David Moro

    David Moro

    Global CTIO, head of Service platforms, Telefónica