AI logistics – The artificial intelligence revolution in logistics centers

AI logistics – The artificial intelligence revolution in logistics centers


17:30 - 18:15

Telefónica Hall3
stand 3K31

Fira Gran Vía, Barcelona

Language VO: Spanish

Simultaneous translation to English

Session Description

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, we have been able to offer to one of the largest European logistics operators a solution that allows them to optimize their processes, relying on the value of real-time data.

During the presentation we will explain how, at Telefónica, we are able to transfer the latest technology to our industrial and logistics customers’ production plants: from innovation to business.


We will show four use cases based on Computer Vision technology over Telefónica’s next generation 5G network with AI: box jams detection on conveyor lines, auditing boxes content in the event of complaints, verifying pallet destination in real time and occupancy monitoring of the exit bay. All data and events can be visualized on a real-time and historical dashboard. Viewers will have a clear understanding of the challenges that can be solved with this range of technologies.



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  • Daniel Guisado

    CIO Würth España

  • Alejandro Alonso

    Innovation Expert, Telefónica España

  • Sergio Sellers

    Product Manager Computer Vision, Telefónica Empresas