5G in Extreme Sports: Sail Grand Prix Cadiz Experience

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On September the 25th, 2022, and in collaboration with Sail GP, Telefónica deployed one of the first portable coverages of 5G SA Networks in the world, with the aim to provide critical 5G coverage for a series of use cases during the Sail GP competition in Cádiz, pursuing goals like reducing the carbon footprint of media coverage and improving data decision making during the race. Among these use cases were the streaming of live drone video using Network Slicing technologies to guarantee Quality of Service, and most critically, the real time transmission of thousands of data points generated by the sensors on board the F50 racing boats, essential to the real time decision making of the sailing teams participating in this extreme competition.

This session in the Agora is the presentation of such experience, with Maria del Mar Ros, CEO of the Spain Sail GP Team telling how high performance teams use real time data to get an edge during the competition, and Juan Cambeiro introducing the technical challenges found in such demanding scenario and the findings of the overall experience.


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Session Speakers

Victoria Aznar

Victoria Aznar
Marketing Director Spain SailGP

Juan Cambeiro

Juan Cambeiro
5G Customer Innovation, Telefónica

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