Report on Transparency

Telefónica has a firm commitment to human rights in general and to privacy and freedom of expression in particular. For this reason, we publish a Transparency Report on an annual basis whose aim is  to contribute to generate a more open and transparent society.

This report includes the following information:

  • The local legal context that grants legal power to the Competent Authorities to make requests.
  • The names of the Competent Authorities that are legally empowered to submit the request.
  • The total number of requests received and rejected during the reporting year.
  • The total number of accesses affected by the requests.
  • As well as any other information related to privacy and freedom of expression that contribute to illustrate and understand Telefónica’s role in these matters.

In addition, the Transparency Report shows the Company’s human rights policy and governance model, specifically on privacy and freedom of expression, as well as the corresponding due diligence conducted on these matters.

This report is elaborated in accordance with the Global Regulation on Requests from Competent Authorities. You can find a summary of the regulation on this link.


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