OnNet Fibra Colombia

OnNet Fibra Colombia is Colombia’s largest nationwide provider of neutral fibre-to-the-home FTTH connectivity services. Its open network enables telecommunications operators to provide the best performing internet services in the country.

The company is 60% owned by KKR and 40% by Telefónica. The transaction was signed in mid-2021 and was finally created in January 2022, following in the footsteps of the model implemented in Chile.

The scope of the initiative is to reach a coverage of 4 million homes passed with FTTH fibre optic in around 90 cities, multiplying by 3.5 times the initial deployment provided by Telefónica within 3 years and with an investment of more than US$ 200 million. This will contribute to the Colombian government’s goal of reaching 70% of connected homes and, above all, to improving the speed of connectivity in the country, which will help advance the goal of eliminating inequalities in the digital transformation. In addition, OnNet Fibra has high-availability fibre optic rings in 26 cities in Colombia for mobile network connectivity, which favours the connectivity of mobile operators in the face of the deployment of 5G.

Furthermore, OnNet’s intention is to consolidate its position as the main ally of connectivity service providers in the search for a better future for the country, contributing to the development of a more digital and connected environment for families and businesses, and strengthening its commitment to stakeholders within the framework of social responsibility.

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