FiBrasil operates as a neutral wholesale FTTH open access platform and its network can provide connectivity services to multiple ISPs in selected medium-sized cities in Brazil.

FiBrasil is a 50/50 joint venture where Telefónica Group owns 50% (25% through Telefónica Infra and 25% through Telefónica Brasil) and Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (“CDPQ”) owns the remaining 50%. CDPQ agreed to invest a total of up R$1.8 billion in this joint venture.

The deal was closed in July 2021 and a month later, the acquisition of Fiberty was announced and closed, increasing its initial footprint. Thus, FiBrasil is formed by the brownfield assets contributed by Vivo and new and expanding projects (greenfield): it started with a portfolio of 1.8 million premises passed and by the end of December 2023 has reached 4.4 million in more than 150 municipalities in the country, leveraging the Telefónica Group’s experience to continue growing in the deployment of high speed FTTH networks.

FiBrasil started operations with Vivo as its main anchor-client and since reached agreements with other relevant clients such as Sky Brasil, enhancing its commercial position.

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