OnNet Fibra Chile

OnNet Fibra Chile deploys and operates Chile’s first national wholesale fibre optic infrastructure network. An open and neutral network that can be used by all current and future telecommunications operators in the country.

It was created by Telefónica in January 2020, and in mid-2021 KKR acquired a 60% stake in the company, renaming it On Net Fibra. In October 2022, OnNet Fibra reached an agreement to acquire Entel’s fibre assets, which received regulatory approval in December 2023. Thanks to this agreement, it will achieve coverage of approximately 4,1 million homes nationwide, further realising its goal of positioning itself in the market as a wholesale network-neutral provider for use by multiple operators. This expansion demonstrates OnNet Fibra’s commitment to growth and operational excellence in the Chilean telecommunications market.

ONNET FIBRA aims to reach 5 million homes in 15 regions of Chile, from Arica to Porvenir. It will continue to deploy FTTH (Fiber To The Home) technology throughout the Chilean territory, promoting access and reducing the current digital divide. The fibre network also enables the establishment of point-to-point links that can be used by telecommunications companies to interconnect 5G network sites of their mobile networks, and other services that require this type of connection.

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